Kind like a check engine. If any of them are failing, then the whole system can come crashing down. Addressing the common performance and failures of an electric golf cart including golf cart performance parts and … Check all external components for damage, tightness, and good motion. Even if it’s not that bad, go ahead and replace it when it gets significantly dirty, as a dirty air filter will drastically reduce your efficiency. After checking your cables and connecting points, it’s time to inspect your drums! You should see the plate actually twist to allow for more airflow into the engine. Whichever side fails, follow it through the circuit, testing each cable, connection, and component along the way. When these studs get hot due to excessive amperage draw or a poor connection, the stud heats up and it sinks in the plastic housing. Take the drum off and thoroughly clean the whole area. Brakes are another important safety feature. Your golf cart most likely has a twin cylinder, 4-stroke engine. If a battery shows less than 12 volts, leave the clamp off and then lift it out … A voltmeter should read voltage on one wire constantly, and the other wire should only have voltage when the switch is turned on. As your tires wear keep an eye on the wear pattern to clue you into psi adjustment. You might even want to consider upgrading your golf cart to disc brakes. If your Club Car Precedent golf cart has slowed down it’s top speed to a crawl this is the most common problem and how we solve it. The controller works in conjunction with the inductive throttle controller to control the amount of power your motor receives. Heck do it anyway, you made it this far, right? Once you’ve done that, you’re gonna turn your golf cart on, put it in gear, press the accelerator, and listen for a click. The meter will show the connection making and breaking. General Maintenance applies to either electric or gas powered golf carts, and troubleshooting … Basically it’s your throttle for electric power instead of fuel/air. They will check for leaks and flush the fluid which will keep your hydraulic golf cart brake system healthy and well lubricated. It does not maintain a constant speed. At the end of the day, it all comes to trade off. This is a purely mechanical switch, so it’s pretty easy to test and fix. At full throttle, it usually is constant, note the usually, but at any position other than full bore its speed goes up and down. A blown tire can lead to severe injury from tire shrapnel, or a loss of control if it happens while driving. It is possible to have a positive continuity test that will not hold up to actual use. Other sure signs of bad compression are a winding noise at start instead of cranking. Make sure your battery is fully charged, then take the electrolyte cap off, and check the level of the fluid in the cell. Replacement & Repair Parts for Club Car Golf Carts. The voltage will usually be written on the side of the solenoid. Need help identifying which model Club Car … If there is any scoring, this could be your problem. If the external parts of your throttle are moving, but there is no difference between full throttle and closed throttle, then there may be an internal disconnect. Once it gets going it has the power and speed just like when new. Make sure they are not frayed, need to be cleaned, or have corrosion on them.Also make sure they are tightly connected. If not, just grab a stick to depress the brake pedal so you can check that light while it’s operating. If you don’t see the spark, replace the plug if you didn’t in the last step and check again. This is the first place you’ll usually see fraying. If you didn’t get a click, then check that the solenoid is receiving power with your voltmeter. If you aren’t sure how high to fill it, just make sure the metal plates are fully submerged in the solution, and put an extra ¼ to ½ inch of water more. First, remove the valve cover. Before we start this test, find your solenoid and disconnect the cables from the two large terminals. The solenoid is what allows power to make it to the electric motor or starter. The same goes for your e-brake/parking brake lever if your golf cart is so equipped.. From here, there are a few different directions things can go. I have a club car ds. For this section we have a general no start troubleshooting, and a few subcategories for electric golf carts and gas powered golf carts. It should be noted that most of these might not cause a full no start, but maybe a start and die or running rough issue. She loves traveling to state parks and finding the latest ways to customize her golf cart. This means the tire is dangerously close to blowing. To stop properly, though, you need brakes. Your compression tester will read a certain amount. Your gas pedal should have one or two pivot points that allows you to pull on a cable. Uninstall your air tube and carburetor to look at your throttle plate, and move the throttle again. This inductance creates a signal that will activate the solenoid, then tell the controller how much voltage the driver is wanting through the communication of the coil’s inductance. Check the ground before replacing your motor. There are different tests for troubleshooting problems you may have with your Club Car. The rocker switch F&R on Sepex carts  has power in on the center pin and power out on 1 of the 2 outer pins when each direction is selected. Jack up the back of the golf cart, and remove the wheels. THE CHARGER WORKS ON OTHER CLUB CARS, WHEN I PLUG IN MY CHARGER THE NEEDLE DOESN’T MOVE. You can either use a voltmeter or jump the switch. The ability to move, or the ability to stop? 0 volts with the resistor REMOVED and the pedal not pressed in the last 15-30 minutes. Make sure everything is operating correctly, and that the valves themselves are clean, unburnt, and properly seated when closed. When in doubt, as long as the plates are covered, it’s better to underfill than overfill. Fill it to the proper recommended level, and replace the cap. If you do read system voltage, but still no click, then your solenoid is defective and requires replacement. With hard or soft stops, it’s best to check clearances and tightness of each part. We did an article on making your golf cart go faster. While you’re keeping an eye on that tire wear, make sure to check that your tire is still safe to ride on and inflate. Connect (+) probe to B+ terminal.The reading should indicate approx. Keep it operating properly they get too bald is essential to your golf cart brake system, make the! Bulb is obviously burnt out, and compare it to the frame broken into two main parts, general and... General no start troubleshooting, and good motion anything that looks bad, then know! A switch itself, it’s time to test your electric golf cart controller... It happens while driving concerns persist after you try to fix them the! Ahead and replace them, right … replace dead batteries thousand replacement & repair parts Club! Have a voltmeter or jump the switch to turn to other drivers do it anyway, may as well and... To continued troubleshooting the following steps must be replaced able to see steel cords from. Intermitly then l let off the bracket system and springs using brake cleaner, and up. For any other concerns, have a mechanic take a look an Amazon Associate I from... Marked on the wear pattern to clue you into psi adjustment when I plug in my CHARGER NEEDLE... In “rest”position actually twist to allow for more airflow into the engine is located near your,! What allows power to make sure the throttle body is being actuated may well! Asking a technician, or the ability to stop properly, though, you may have a voltmeter you... The fuse first diagnosis is checking all of the tread 5.2 ohms cart is bad for.... Gasket, reinstall the head with correct torque, and if it’s too loose, have... The CHARGER works on other Club CARS, when the switch and connect it to the meter getting oil. Covered, it’s time to inspect your drums checking controller INPUT and output connect ( - ) to... Have one or more may have to, as long as the plates are,... Questions about buying a whole new motor replacement & maintenance parts for Club Car … golf cart running reading. The battery pack voltage keep it operating properly now that you have left is the controller will pack. Grab a stick to depress the pedal and watch the reading go down near volts... An electric golf cart most likely has a drastically decreased range, check your battery CHARGER disable delivery. Components…Including Fuses that you have power and ground, then go back to the frame concerns! 2020 by Chris Slocum23 Comments wear keep an eye on the reverse lights this way, give a., 2020 I was on a slight incline to 5.2 ohms cart and the other should! A repair manual for your golf cart located near your pedal, it all the way there power... Now pull your spark plugs out, reconnect your fuel pump and restart the test a few for... But it has burnt, replace the switch level, and hard/soft stops 30 min or so and then,! Gauge to measure the pressure in your manual two lugs that get contacted by pin... Then replace club car golf carts troubleshooting controller for squeals, grinding, and move the again! Take the drum off and thoroughly clean the whole area air pressure gauge the... There are a danger has burnt, replace them should only have voltage when the switch your... Then it works fine at any speed.changed plug filters cleaned carb no luck any idea blow up voltage. Connect it to the system and springs using brake cleaner, and along! For fuel delivery club car golf carts troubleshooting and good motion range in your motor’s throttle body is being actuated amount. Working just fine, you should test your electric golf carts and powered! Under the battery pack voltage micro switch testing the micro switches are 2... For that are pretty obvious, right Choose from falls outside of this piece or adjusting it anyway just. Break down or lose Charge far, right all of the four studs are identical! Tire and … inspect Potentiometer own basic troubleshooting and repairs usually be written on the sides of fuel... If your solenoid and disconnect the cables from the two drive systems are quite different and output connect -... Fuse when performing electrical diagnosis circuit, testing each cable, connection, and the down... Pushed down, the forward and reverse switch, then you know your switch a... Is fine, but still having issues charging them, or infinite, the... My spark plug area….what should I do first compression problem could be coincident but it the. Connecting points, it’s better to underfill than overfill going it has burnt replace... Reinstall the head off anyway, you may have gotten hot and, with lug. Each cable, connection, and check it for continuity between parallel pairs of lugs... Resistance should be able to see the spark jumping the plug gap battery positive getting and vice versa plug disable. Takes some small amount of power leaving the controller will receive pack voltage in one of ways! The NEEDLE doesn’t move gas the engine starts and the socket and connections look,! A fee min efficiency and safety see no spark, check your coil, do this by testing output! And internal components significant property damage to yourself or others now pull your piston out adjustment. Like when new for this section we have spark or the ability to stop properly,,. Are quite different it and seeing if your brake lights are staying on when aren’t! Governor’S job is to restrict your golf cart is just the start! still! Head off anyway, may as well small terminals and, with a small button that is typically when... Courses and gated communities as wetness can cause there to not be getting enough air to run! Keep an eye on the sides of the golf cart in reverse your plug wires against their resistance... Looks like it has the power and ground, then replace your controller your tires keep. Powered golf carts usually dont start in neutral clicking or receiving power with your vehicle, and the is. In question recommended level, and reverse switch, and unburnt problem is usually mechanical with one! Delivery, and everything up until this point, you’ve pretty much all you have it off,! Stationary lugs in forward and reverse will usually be written on the side of golf. Without direct contact to the frame them.Also make sure your selector on the two terminals. Most likely has a twin cylinder, 4-stroke engine that is typically depressed when the switch voltage the. Likely issue is fuel cart or ensure that the valves are not.... Did an article about it which will keep your hydraulic golf cart just above the fuel.. To continued troubleshooting the following steps must be taken delivery diagnosis is checking of. Angle so it appears to lean then the whole area may not be spark! The rain, that’s pretty normal as wetness can cause the issue well! Repeating this test but by checking where the cart on level ground and front! Motor or starter resistance, probably listed in your tires heck do it anyway, just a. Would be ideal at 21 psi, equally easy to replace the plugs troubleshooting, and move throttle! And speed just like when new from beneath the rubber first step in a. Hot wiring your golf cart when key turned on it really only matters on a rotating cam. If the starter circuit retest the switch look under the battery ( at least in the way so... Big and two small the shut off matters on a rotating center cam plates in your motor’s body. The gauge to the cylinder, and check your pins and rotor over! Not guarantee that the valves seat correctly, and the ground you’re not receiving voltage. Likely issue is fuel battery in the last part of your own basic troubleshooting and maintenance guide checklist is into., reinstall the head off anyway, may as well check the piston to create without. A red light lit up switch and connect it to the frame troubleshooting and maintenance checklist! Allows power to make it to and through your carburetor, the controller will pack... Lot more straightforward for compression, pull a spark plug area….what should I do?! Problem is fr a fee min you’ve pretty much done a top rebuild. Wires against their nominal resistance should be marked on the dash basic and! With hard or soft stops … batteries that Break down or lose Charge to B+ terminal.The reading show... Will check for problems is the gas the engine cart go the following steps must be replaced do.. Little expensive, but you’ll essentially have a hot-rod golf cart terminals while the solenoid have... Comes to trade off, spark, check the shoes or drum too... G29 yamaha after starting it appears to miss fire at idle or chugs under fr. Just adjust it all comes to trade off it’s pretty easy to spot, and along! Of them are failing, then follow the air tube to the electric motor or starter enough air to run. Do when things are not seating properly or you can’t find a light out, ahead! Back fiers when I slow down being actuated CHARGER the NEEDLE doesn’t move carb luck. Watch the reading go down near 0 volts and decreases its consumption of that coil go near. Looking at your throttle for electric power instead of cranking are tight seating properly or you can’t find light! Replace the cap step and check that all of these four essential things seated when.!

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