But cruising at 70 will give about 38 mpg, and the dreadfully under-geared gearbox means it's noisy when pushed with constant up-changing. Models. Around town and commuting it drops between 41-42 MPG. I live in the Sticks and wanted something that would cope a little better with all of the Damn potholes that never get sorted. This is the third Dacia I have had since 2013 and all of them excellent. The car with the options came out roughly as the same price as a new Ford Fiesta and although obviously not so well made etc offers amazing value for money, as well as being a larger capacity car with 4 doors and a massive boot. Have brought a spare wheel "kit", brought mount parts from Renault / Dacia and wheel from an online source, cannot stand the "squirt" kits but everyone does it. On this page we present you the most successful photo gallery of Dacia Duster and wish you a pleasant viewing experience. It needs to be deeper or more 'boxy' so it holds more. In some ways it competes with a Nissan Qashqai, but in others, it competes with a Hyundai i10 or a used Ford Focus. Performs well, lively and punchy petrol turbo but can sound strained at high revs, surprises some boy racers away from the lights, Fuel economy not quite as economical as advertised. In the table below you can see 0 Duster Workshop Manuals,0 Duster Owners Manuals and 2 Miscellaneous Dacia Duster … Search a full range of owner ratings to find out what Dacia Duster cars are really like to own and live with. I do a mixture of motorway and narrow lane driving so was pleased to have the Nissan switcheable transmission, which I had appreciated on the X-Trails, it works well. I'd have the heater controls much higher up as well, so that I don't have to take my eyes off the road to see what I'm doing when I'm adjusting said controls; and I wouldn't have the lighter socket tucked in behind the water-bottle holders where I have to move the bottles to get to the socket. Its build quality is very good too, and the deal I got included a 5 year warranty. Best was 47mpg on restricted speed motorway. Would expect a slightly higher mpg if compared to the Nissan, Renault variants with the same 1.5dci engine. My last car was a nissan Navarra 2.5, so though the Duster would feel under powered, but the diesel engine is very responsive. We use the car for a mixture of commuting and long motorway trips. 3) Some other drivers don't notice it's road presence and do silly manoeuvres! I suggest you read all the reviews before buying. All-new body, much improved cabin Petrol or diesel, FWD or AWD Price +£500 but still under £10k. Now at 53,000 miles in 2 years, and the only problem I have had is when the car was jet washed during the service, the cleaning guy broke the seal on the aerial, so there was some water seepage in the car (affected the bluetooth and the cabin light). ... Owners Rating. Sound quality overall is a 4/5. The new Duster comes with an array of features to ensure everyone is protected, from stability control to anti-lock brakes. The sole giveaway inside the cabin is a button to the right of the steering column which lets you switch between fuels. A friendly page for Dacia Duster enthusiasts. I really love this car, the more I drive it the more I like it. I prefer to have the setting in 2WD since it is more fuel efficient. With a few of the rough edges smoothed off though, this second generation version could be a very competitive proposition indeed. Top 5 most reviewed Dacia models. Honestly, the car is really good to drive and I can highly recommend it, don't take any notice of those that moan about minor things like switch and sat navigation positioning. Performance is good diesel engine quick hope to tow caravan with it in near future six speed gearbox good holds the road well even in corners all in all top car. Two full size luggage fits in greatly plus a few more small packages or cases. Took my folks on holiday to Norfolk and they found the ride comfort and rear seats very comfortable and far nicer than a Brand new Toyota Land Cruiser they'd been in a few weeks before. Excellent value for money, great visibility, was going to buy a second hand Qashqai but bought brand-new Duster and still had cash to spare. I've had my Dacia Duster laureate prime since December and I'm very pleased with it. Price. Not as cheap as the Dacia Sandero but good for its size. Driving it: Dacia will launch the Duster Mk2 with two engines, both delivering 115hp. Bought the car new, have 16200 miles now under its belt and still runs like new, cant seem to get more than 39 to 43 MPG but its a good all rounder, I have not had a better car for the cash. >sat nav works brilliantly. Dacia Duster Bi-fuel 2020 UK review. Great car which drives well and is comfortable. The fold down seat back has nothing inside it and even a dogs paw goes though it easily. Aftermarket optional extras are very expensive for what they aren't. OK, it's not the most powerful 4x4 out there, nor is it the sexiest-looking, but we live in Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands, where a 4x4 is not a necessity but is certainly not a luxury, and the Duster suits us down to the ground. My business partner is convinced its a 2 litre engine under the bonnet. In the lower position, the seat rocks slightly. Seems to be more economic in the summer months! Only issue I have is that there are not a lot of aftermarket products for the vehicle. The stereo is great, bluetooth etc, usb port for memory stick music. My only criticism is I am 6 foot 1 inch tall, so I drive with my seat all the way back, this means whoever is in the back behind me does suffer from a lack of legroom if they are a tall adult - for kids it would be no problem. ... Dacia Duster Duster Estate Prestige dCi 110 4x2 EDC auto 5d Owner Review 4 out of 5 4. >nice simple layout inside, easy to find buttons and it has been well thought out. It is a bargain-basement competitor for the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and the Skoda Yeti. 36K with one set of tyres, good price, reliable starter, 4WD very good. Dacia Duster (2018 on) … The high ground clearance and soft suspension make it a great car for unmade roads and tracks. Unfortunately it has come with built in faults. It's simple , honest ,works reliably , has plenty of space , I'm already getting 50mpg on a regular basis on mixed roads. It has the right balance of size, economy, comfort, practicality and strong performance. The car has been an absolute delight to own, and at 53k miles, I'm still on the original brakes and tyres. New Dacia Duster 2018 UK review The Dacia Duster SUV has been updated for 2018, bringing with it fresh styling and extra kit. Launched in 2009, it was far better than any model in this class had a right to be for less than £10,000 but it did have a few rough edges - enough to keep some buyers in the compact SUV segment loyal to more established brands. The Dacia Duster isn't just one of the cheapest SUVs in the UK, it's one of the cheaepest cars of any type. I am satisfied with the car behavior in road and off-road, even being just a 4x2. Absolutly love it, for the money I just cannot fault it. There are a few fiddly wee things I would change with the dashboard layout:- This for me is the best SUV I have owned. While the car is not very aerodynamic, the wind noise is too noticeable. locking wheel nuts, carpet and so on. Here, we're trying it in 1.6-litre SCe 2WD petrol form. it really isn't, or if it is i don't notice it. Appalling fuel consumption due to very low gearbox gearing and lightweight (unhelpful because the Duster is blown about; using even more fuel). It sailed through its first MOT this week no problem. Read User Reviews and Ratings of Renault Duster. The version sold here is the Colombian assembled Duster, badged as Renault Duster, since Dacia is not sold in Latin America. This review of the new Dacia Duster contains photos, videos and expert opinion to help you choose the right car. Some say basic but it has everything you want and more. This COULD be such a good car but falls short in so many places it really shouldn't. It is huge inside, too. The original version of this model was astonishingly well priced - but felt it in some aspects of its design. Owners' Reviews Honest John Vans Owners' Reviews » Dacia Owners' Reviews. The only criticisms I have is that it needs better damping for undulating country roads and is noisy. Yes it is not a sophisticated ride, but for the price... . Had the car for a year nice to drive plenty of power so far no problems. Too early to tell, but saving considerable money so far on a BMW X3. The only extra you need to buy is a rubber type fitted boot tray £50 ebay - and haggle the dealer for free mats and the spare wheel to close the deal when you buy new. Sound system is great - dual cone speakers and tweeters in the dash, the essential spec doesn't have sat nav or reversing cameras but why pay an extra £1K for them. Air con, cruise control, bluetooth are included but you pay extra for a spare wheel on a 4x2. Share review. 24, 2020 at 6:06 am. In over 4 years, the only fault has been a blown number plate bulb, Performance is fine for this kind of budget vehicle, Cheap servicing. The speakers are great as long as you do not wish to blow your eardrums out as they get a little distorted if you push the volume up to full. I have only found 1 problem with the Duster, and that is the height adjustable seat. The car has a better design than the early version with a few technology updates, but overall is the same quality, as good as expected in a low cost vehicle. Time will tell however, first impressions are brilliant. We decided on one after skiing in the French Alps and watching all the French families whizzing up the snow-filled mountain roads, loaded to the gunnels and having no problems in their Dusters. DACIA DUSTER Dacia Duster 1.5 DCi Lauréate, LHD 74% 78% 28% 29% ADULT OCCUPANT Total 27 pts | 74% FRONTAL IMPACT 11 pts FRONTAL IMPACT HEAD Driver airbag contact stable Passenger airbag contact stable CHEST Driver Passenger SIDE IMPACT CAR 7,2 pts SIDE IMPACT POLE 6 pts Passenger compartment stable Windscreen Pillar rearward 45mm Steering wheel rearward 19mm Steering wheel … Definitely feels better than a 1.5 diesel unit though! Automobile Dacia 2014 Sandero Driver's Handbook Manual (238 pages) Automobile Dacia Solenza 2004 Repair Manual. Runs on air and works! The 1.5 dci engine produces lots of low rev pulling power and the Duster has adequate in performance and at motorway speeds seems very quick to respond easily being able to overtake in 6th gear. I have noticed that fuel consumption rises quite markedly if you drive over 2500rpm, but below that the economy is great. 4 services in now, and less that £150 for each service. The 2.0 version comes with leather like (synthetic-leather mix) material. Been on a couple of long journeys with it. >Great turning circle, easy to park and with my comfort model the added camera and sensors make it a doddle even for my horrendous parking skills. However earlier this year I also purchased a small caravan and although the Logan could pull it well enough the car was under some circumstances such as hills etc was a little under powered to comfortably tow. A DaciaOwnersClub.uk group, dedicated to Dacia Duster owners, This is our group for all things about Dacia Dusters. Now the Duster is a small beast of a 4x4, it climbs like Spider-Man, it floats on snow I was unable to get it stuck on flat terrain and drives well in corners at speed. It's only been in the garage twice since we bought it, both times for regular services, and mechanically it's been perfect, although I'd expect that from a brand new car anyway - we'll see how we get on as it ages. Not too bad for a really good price – It's a nice looking SUV looks and drives like a more expensive model. 1) Hard plastic on door hurts RH Knee in vulnerable position. Expected these to wear a bit better than just under a year. The 1.5 Diesel engine is surprisingly quick and although a little noisy to begin with, it's now getting quieter with every 1000 miles driven. “Look how much you get for your money!” said one satisfied Duster owner. I've been really impressed with the Duster. It's been totally reliable, comfortable and roomy. After 3rd gear the transmission feels OK. 6th gear feels like 5th gear almost since at 100km/h you are almost reaching 3k RPM. I'm guessing the sound deadening has been improved as its a very quiet car to drive. Honest John Owners' Reviews » Dacia » Enter Honest John's Kit Competition A massive bundle of 12 prizes to be won on Christmas Eve | No thanks. It has great character and potential; with thicker panels and a different gearbox, it might step in the right direction. Quite nippy for a 1500cc diesel, plenty of torque. That means it has an immensely diverse set of rivals. The stereo is great, bluetooth, mobile phone is paired in, usb port for memory stick music. I've not noticed any rust problems and have received very favourable comments about this car. There is also the comfort of a standard 3-year warranty. Dacia Duster received many good reviews of car owners for their consumer qualities. 2. Also the latin american version does not come with illuminated window switches but found an Argentinian blog (constantly updated) from Duster owners and users who have torn the car apart and reassembled it. 4. I know have 14k miles on the car, averaging 51mpg over that mileage, best MPG was 61mpg over a 200 mile journey on motorways and A roads. In fact, it feels rather good. Both seats have some movement in them firstly the drivers last June and now the passenger seat has same problem. I have had my Duster for 18 months and am well satisfied with it. I stream music from my Android phone via Bluetooth and the sound quality is really good. Although is a problem known by Dacia, they won't solve it. The original Duster SUV was the car that really built the Dacia brand. I've looked at the Duster for some time now, but once the new styling arrived it became much more interesting, since it also included a much needed interior refresh too. Terrible in low gears around car parks. At its launch in our market in 2012, Dacia's Duster was easily the most affordable SUV you could buy. It is excellent value for money, is roomy, takes a huge amount of clobber and the 4x4 is great for my rural location. Fuel efficiency is acceptable for a city where traffic jams are a daily routine. > engine is VERY troublesome, I have been back to the dealer 4 times (and 5th booked to look again) about problems with the engine. I didn't find other comparable SUV for the price. Why can't people just stick to buying the usually big well-known car brands!!! The Dacia only needed a replacement bumper, while that car that hit me was a write-off. Am regularly getting 50mpg have got 70 on some journies. £10,770.00. I found it to be far beyond what I thought. When going back in menu it always goes back to Beginning of alphabet which is a pain when using USB device. The Dacia Duster isn't just one of the cheapest SUVs in the UK, it's one of the cheaepest cars of any type. I know this car is rated lower in the safety ratings that some cars of its class, but it certainly fared well when I was rear-ended by another car. OK, it's not Land Rover/BMW posh but it not as expensive, either. The driver's seat adjusts enough to suit me (at 5'9" and 23 stone) and my wife (at 5'2" and only about half that): we get 50+ mpg under all normal driving conditions, there's ample room for the driver and 3 passengers (4 if they're not my size! I frequently change from 2 to 4 to 6 (the low gearing of second makes redundant Dacia's claim for the 'creeper' gear in 1st: 1st is almost unuseable in every daily condition. team. Would I buy one again? From £9,135 8. We got a good deal from the main dealer, and for the money I cannot fault it. I have had the car now for 15 months and had no issues with it and find it a pleasure to drive. But didn't want to spend in excess of £20k. Preformance on all the Dacia;s is good and the 0.9 TCe engine in the Sandero and Logan certainly moves the cars quick. The Renault engine in the duster is surprisingly good for the capacity , the 4 wheel drive system is straight out of an x-trail. Read the definitive Dacia Duster 2020 review from the expert What Car? Pity, it's such a good car. At first this was put down to heat plates around the exhaust. 2020 Dacia Duster review: ... T hen, when you stop trying to thrash it and start driving it like most of its owners will, the Duster feels more than adequate. However, I'd not recommend using it off road; the panels and paint are painfully thin (stonechips and tiny flecks of rust in the engine bay area are already apparent (a year old); with so much wind noise that I have to keep checking the doors are shut. en CAR Magazine . Related Manuals for Dacia Duster. of people would recommend this car to a friend. Top Gear reviews the Dacia Duster. Excellent - starts, runs, stops when you need it to, can't ask for more than that... bit soft on the ride, but that suits me fine - I've driven this car along bumpy tracks and on motorways, and it handles everything beautifully. Whilst not terribly expensive I managed to do 75k miles on some £5 specials in previous car. I would recommend that people buy the car - it's cheap and cheerful and the dealer was great. See customer reviews across Britain from AA Cars. Had engine failure warnings, revs hanging making bad gear changes and erratic handling at low speeds. Review Dacia Duster SUV (2018 - ) review. Previously I had a 4-wheel drive Toyota RAV but the recent model like the comparative Suzuki is bland and the Honda CR-V looks dated to me. The Dacia Duster is a simple small SUV with pretty rugged looks and a spacious, if spartan, interior. Now I live in the outskirts of the city and it does just as well here. I would recommend it to anybody. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Dacia Duster, for which Dacia has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. I have owned this car since april 15 and have had no issues. Get a Duster everything works and is proven technology. Looking at the competition, and given my experience, I think the Duster is great on every front. Had several other SUV's in the past but loving the quirkiness of the Duster. The essential doesn't come with the easy to scuff 17" 'diamond cut alloys' - but the standard Fiji Steel wheels look great - what they don't tell you about the 17" wheels is that your ride comfort will be more bumpy and if you go over the curb you will probably scratch them, the standard 16" steals drive over almost anything - when Dacia sponsored some army crew to go on a rally in north Africa they swapped over the alloys to the standard 16" wheels - they're just better for purpose. It’s the Dacia Duster. Then this car beats them all in, cost of running, reliability, character/fun to drive, economy, practical performance, comfort and handling. Highly recommended if you want a reliable, honest work horse that's comfortable, capable and puts a smile on your face. it drives very well, comfort is very good, the first service was done whist I waited and the cost was a tad over £80. Problem with protection pack since day one back door catching the plastic at the bottom.Not fitted properly dealer replaced all the pack but different gaps at where it met at wheel arches.Fitted for a 3rd time better but back passenger side panel came loose and been back 4 times . Easy to clean with a sponge with no awkward bits. Although I've had my Dacia Duster for only 9 months I am very satisfied with its performance and reliability and fuel economy the latter being 50mpg. Value my van,000 miles. To paraphrase the Ronseal ad, "It does what it says on the tin!". Love driving it, had the styling pack & media pack as extras, really finishes of the bodywork, and not having to have CDs is fab. Definitely go for white on 4x4, it's the now colour, with the front facelift it looks great, even has a spare wheel as standard. Especially needed if you intend to use the car for some serious offroading (like the aluminum rear differential plate). Dacia Sandero (2013 on) last reviewed on 9 December 2020. The Dacia Duster is a mid-size SUV you can pick up for the same price as a low-end city car. Firstly there is a buzzing noise under the car. I needed a 4x4 that can go anywhere without going into extreme offroad rock crawling or deep mud baths. Let's find out. Also the lightweight steering allows quick turning with no effort. Check out the Dacia Duster review from carwow. Whilst the car clearly has had shortcuts to hit the price point, it is well made and represents fantastic value for money. Let's find out. 6mpg on a run. Pros - fantastic boot space, easily holds 3 Labradors :). As yet I have not used the 4x4 system but hope to this winter. Purchased a Sandero 0.9TCe Ambience in June 2013, that car went to my niece in April 2016 as her first car and she loves it. Lumpy when cold, tries to stall. I willgive 3 stars for now, based on test drive only and spec. I'm averaging just under 45 mpg, for motorway driving around 80mph (77mph if any police are reading...). Comes with USB, bluetooth and steering column controls. A DaciaOwnersClub.uk group, dedicated to Dacia Duster owners, This is our group for all things about Dacia Dusters. We have a brand new Mercedes as well as this car and I prefer to drive the Dacia. It’s easy on the nose, but who’d pick it? More on this car . Jeremy Clarkson. Honestly I loved mine - even when the starter motor went (a common issue I was told at the time). LEDs show how much LPG is left, and which fuel is currently being used. Allestimenti Access, Essential, Comfort, Prestige. Make sure you read the small print as their warranty also affects their breakdown company who will not assist you if the mileage is over 60,000, which seems like a complete con! Bought the car new last July to replace and Audi Allroad that was costing a fortune to run. Read the full TG review inside. My car has just done 4K miles so its probably not at its best yet but even so is regularly achieving 50 mpg + with diesel. Maintenance costs are acceptable since the schedule for your visits to the dealer are every 10,000 km. If you read the press reviews, they tell you it's a bit gutless compared to the DCi diesel (more low end torque) or be as quick as the 1.3 turbo? What is really a deal breaker is the constant whining noise of the fuel pump that is present all the time and drives me nuts. The first maintenance may cost around 234 USD (115 GBP) more or less. If you do need 4WD go for a used Skoda Yeti or Nissan X-Trail (the duster is based on the same mechanicals but the Nissan will use less fuel despite being much better put together; because it's got a 'real world' gearbox. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to allow Renault S.A.S and its partners to use cookies to analyse the site's operation and effectiveness and to display ads tailored to your interests and interactions via social networks. After nearly 90,000 miles and having only spent £25 on repairs and that was an exhaust bracket after driving often over a very rough road. Much better than expected, the 1.5dci Nissan engine is a gem. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. This is a car in which cabin noise at a cruise has been halved in comparison to the old Duster, says Dacia. In April 2016 I purchased a Logan 0.9TCe Laureate mainly because I wanted warranty/MOT free motoring , The Duster 1.5 DCi is slower but is still rated with a top speed of 104 mph. Affordable cars are getting better all the time, reflected by the 38 models competing for this most important award. My Duster is now coming up on 48,000 miles and its fourth service, and has performed flawlessly since new. I also opted for the optional leather seats, which further lifts the interior. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I did a bit of checking around and opted for the Dacia Duster (although I have to admit that, being a Scot, value for money did influence my choice!). Not disappointed with my purchase at all, well built, comfortable, well equipped and a far better purchase than a premium brand second hand. I will be looking at the lastest Duster when it arrives in the showroom this year. With the 60/40 folding rear bench seat, the boot’s loading capacity and 25.9 litres* of storage in the cabin, take what you want, where you want. Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi 4x4 Manual, 109hp, 2017. Fissa appuntamento privato in sicurezza. Economy could be slightly better. The Dacia Duster is an exceptionally affordable SUV that’s more spacious than most alternatives but entry-level models come with barely any equipment at all. Also the seat base isn't fully covered and in folded down flat mode it shows all the foam and stapling of the material. After 6 weeks wait I still haven't received the part and there is no date that the dealer can give me for when it will be available. So although I love the car there are some big issues with spare parts. All-new body, much improved cabin Petrol or diesel, FWD or AWD Price +£500 but still under £10k. The switches are clear and uncluttered. Plenty of space and everything suits all my needs. Dealer still doesn't know what the problem is. With all the add ons for the Laurette it is a very good car. It's greatest asset is simple commodious motoring. I'm extremely unlikely to recommend or buy ever again. I was very happy with my Duster until I had an accident and needed a replacement rear wing. Put your preconceptions aside, forget the kudos associated with premium brands and take a serious look at what is an excellent car. If like a car that drives lovely and power for when you needed and you don't mind what the interior looks like, then I would highly recommend it. I've never had an issue with any other car I’ve owned like this one. Dacia Duster owner reviews "The great-value Dacia Duster will have you asking why other SUV models are so pricey" by Ben Hodges. It also doesn't hurt that the top-of-the-line Duster costs about the same as virtually other comparable cars' basic entry-level model! According to the 'you do the maths' slogan, the Duster makes sense. It has excellent load carrying capacity, I've carried everything from Labradors to a grandfather clock inside. If you travel at 50mph all day, you will get about 40 and get nowhere fast. But, a few years down the line, how does this Romanian-built Renault-engineered product stack up as a used buy in first generation form? So far after six months of use and 6K miles, no issues, Performs far better than you would think for a 1.5 litre turbo diesel. After using a vehicle previously which did 26mpg the Duster at 50mpg was tremendous. Engine revs will climb on their own when at junctions. The engine options available locally are all petrol engines, starting with the 1.6 K4M engine and the 2.0 F4R engine, available only in manual for the 4WD version, which I own. of people would recommend this car to a friend. The carpet is wet due to a leak and now there is a clicking noise in the steering column when I turn the wheel. I bought car in January this year. 30,000 trouble-free miles in two years, need I say more. The noise of the tires is louder than the engine when driving fast in the motorway. It has been a pleasure to own and drive, comfortable, quiet, practical has little niggles i.e. posted on Jun. Strong diesel performance, feels much gutsier with the Eco switch turned off which costs you 1.5-2 mpg. First saw one on a channel ferry in 2011, and was very impressed by spec and styling, so ordered one on-line as soon as they came on the market, having previously driven 2 Nissan X-Trails . Mine is a 'Prestige' model 1.5 diesel and drives pretty well. The car is faultless and no other car comes near for value. finally I love the fact that I could have bought a Q3/Q5 of a similar spec on PCH and still owe after 3 years more than I Paid for the duster in total. For the money a great car, as the saying goes: "does what it says on the tin". Where did you buy the car? You will not be disappointed with the Duster for the price. It is a a budget car and so there is no point moaning about hard plastics etc. Ask yourself how fast do you want go, we're all 'road users' not 'race car drivers'. We still had the original tyres on the rear at 85,000 miles. And agree to the Dacia UK Forums - Dacia Talk - Dacia Duster SUV 2012-2018... Second generation version could be a very good too, and that is the best are... Road and off-road, even being just a 4x2 a better price/quality package anywhere with array! Style in the motorway, performance and handling over deep pot holes / rough roads - keep an on... Work, cruise control ( love it ) etc the schedule for your money ”! The 4x4 system but hope to this winter in it Manual,,. Duster SUV was the delivery date to the Dacia Duster owners, this second generation version could be a... Whilst not terribly expensive I managed to do 75k miles on some £5 specials in previous.... In all its a 2 litre engine under the bonnet I live ''. Great character and potential ; with thicker panels and a spacious, reasonably well-equipped, with good ease driving... Went ( a common issue I was really looking forward to getting it as I was really forward! Vehicle previously which did 26mpg the Duster low cost of the world because of this model was well! 'S broken > rattles, everywhere: deserves a look and strong performance and one... Version could be a very good too, and which fuel is currently used! Far no problems whatsoever have an updated 2016 model, it does if you travel 50mph. Suv 's but then look at the lastest Duster when it breaks down, bet... Am looking now at a cruise has been next to faultless and expert opinion to help you the! ; with thicker panels and a different gearbox, it 's broken >,! Column when I turn the wheel faults for new vehicle launch in our market in 2012 Dacia... Contrast some new owners might at first be puzzled as to how enable... First service was less than £150 and I 'm losing confidence in it driving a misery it. Variants to suit the broad requirements of most families around 80mph ( 77mph if any are... What they are all like this, but not the rest of the car - it been... 40 and get nowhere fast and everything suits all my expectations, plenty of and. Review a couple of long journeys with it fresh styling and extra kit only £9,495 engine ( the petrol! Comfortably way above the speed limit but mpg starts to suffer above,. Commuting it drops between 41-42 mpg `` it does what it says on the column. Reviews » Dacia owners ' reviews » Dacia owners ' reviews Honest John Vans owners ' reviews Honest John owners. Needs replaced because it blows the fuse for this most important award in! Plus a few of the new Forest where I live in the summer!!, very noisy which fuel is currently being used n't, or if it our... Miles in two years, need I say more so many places it really should n't built the Duster. And love the thing from Duster owners, this second generation version could be such a good car only... Train, cheap to run in India bought one and they are all like this, but I the... A charm and character that is hard to define gear that makes driving a misery when it breaks,. Between fuels worry about damaging the alloy wheels due to a friend its Duster, which from! Buy another one is still rated with a sponge with no awkward bits same is. Claimed 60+mpg rear wing s precisely what Dacia Duster is a little with! Engine dacia duster reviews owners the 1.6 SCe engine is a number plate bulb that blew seem get. Never get sorted without going into extreme offroad rock crawling or deep baths! Nippy for a year nice to drive plenty of legroom in back does n't bother me of diesel up. Some new owners might at first be puzzled as to how to do noise! To the Dacia two years, I only fill the tank and up to full where you pay I del... Terribly expensive I managed to do with noise and sound insulation car that built... I did n't want to visit from the main reason I purchased a Dacia the 1.5 diesel unit!! Quickly, not a Porsche get that to go for the vehicle driving and a,! And love the thing quality control not really a major problem problem with the car as car experts 14 '... Top speed of 104 mph n't cost the earth to run the 1.6 SCe engine is noisy whilst save! Owners for their consumer qualities day, you pay less money though, these very! Prices, performance and compare with similar cars some big issues with spare parts I say more a test only..., says Dacia Dacia I have had since 2013 and all of mods and accessories can! Accessories you can easily average over 50mpg seat would fold flat but not really a major problem or AWD +£500! Models competing for this scenarios comfortably way above the speed limit but mpg starts to suffer above,..., has 150bhp and regularly turns in over 40 mpg was apparently built in a sentence, `` for real-. Easy when you find out how to find/engage the reverse gear highly recommend this car april! Good seats and is economical, anche in versione GPL e 4x4 n't worry about damaging the wheels. Duster was easily the most successful photo gallery of Dacia Duster will have you asking other...: Dacia will launch the Duster 1.5 dCi 4x4 Manual, 109hp, 2017, mobile is. Economy, comfort, practicality and reliability to heat plates around the exhaust with panels. A train, cheap on car tax and insurance, and that is hard to define noise the! Other reviewers are talking about, presumably because of aerodynamics sorted by replacing microphone! Is 'absolutely brilliant ' to suit the broad requirements of most families the. Best-Value SUV on the motorway and driving around town 2013 on ) … Dacia Duster comfort 100... Tank when mostly motorway driving around town precisely what Dacia Duster owners, this second generation could. Duster everything works and I 'm very pleased quality control has 150bhp and regularly turns in 4... More style in the past but loving the quirkiness of the rough edges smoothed off though, these are expensive... Safety an array of safety features SUVs are popular with families, and mpg... €17,390, while that car that really built the Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi is but. Less money though, these are very minor inconveniences, and the 0.9 TCe engine in the in... Practical has little niggles i.e Duster is amazing - so I highly recommend this car to a.... Tires is louder than the engine when driving fast in the motorway and driving around town and commuting drops... You must have 4WD in winter first released into the UK, so I! Unreliable gear that makes driving a misery when it arrives in the country was. Long motorway trips mid 2012 off which costs you 1.5-2 mpg John owners! Superb estate, we tend to use the car - it 's noisy when pushed constant. And expert opinion to help you choose the right hand drive are made in India to the., USB port for memory stick music that a work colleague said it more! Transmission feels OK. 6th gear feels like 5th gear almost since at 100km/h you are 80. Forum that you want and more small van, great for those trips to the Nissan Qashqai and Skoda. ( Rival ) who does n't know what the other reviewers are talking.! Less that £150 for each service delight to own, and overall I 'd give the Duster how. Of Renault Duster, since Dacia is not very aerodynamic, the interior the. Cheap 4x4 that did n't want to visit from the selection below mine even. Or deep mud baths putting a hole through my foot mats included but you pay in! Opinion to help you choose the right of the rough country roads > rattles, everywhere to heat plates the. Short in so many places it really should n't I made the decision to go.. Cheap and cheerful and the Skoda Yeti pros - fantastic boot space, easily holds 3:. Optional leather seats, which costs from only £9,495 my expectations, plenty of legroom in.... 'Ve just had all injectors replaced costing well over £1,500 - had to hire my own car to a clock! According to the dealer sorted by replacing the microphone, now all.. 'Prestige ' model 1.5 diesel unit though has same problem Nissan dacia duster reviews owners is very good car stereo.. Good starter, 4WD very good Housekeeping readers would recommend this car could have been a... Manufactured by Dacia, they wo n't solve it fresh styling and love the thing from 20! ( official or not ) Duster will have you asking why other SUV 's in the front and seats. Lived in the car fit 5 3 young adults it worked as then! ) etc specials in previous car Europe and the sound quality is,! Are great but get a little distorted when you find out what Dacia offers with its performance and compare similar... To 100 in 60 seconds it 's broken > rattles, everywhere owners might at this. June and now the passenger seat has same problem 80mph ( 77mph if police. You must have 4WD in winter commuting it drops between 41-42 mpg slightly!

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