Like the application client, it makes this call through a port. Copyright 2000 - 2020, TechTarget In my previous tutorial I have given the basic overview of web services. For the creation of web service clients, NetBeans IDE provides a client creation facility, which is the Web Service Client wizard that generates code for looking up a web service. Invokes the port’s sayHello method, passing to the service a name. The @WebService annotation defines the class as a The results include header data, XML, JSON and various other parameters and they can be rendered as plain text in the command window. The sayHello method returns a greeting to the client, using the name passed to it to compose the greeting. that defines the public methods made available in the endpoint implementation class. I am developing a Java desktop application and I want to consume a web service in it. Here is an example of a simple RESTful web service client written in jQuery: ,