and Mohanty,S.K. Efficacy of different insecticides against flea beetle (Podagrica spp.) In: The Department of Vegetable Science was created during the year 2009 based on reports of a high power committee framed by ICAR who visited OUAT, Bhubaneswar emphasizing the important of Horticulture during 8th plan period. Candidates who wish to take admission to programmes offered by OUAT can fill their applications till the fourth week of March 2021. 2019. 28-29 Jan, 2020.  During the period from commencement of the programme to Lock Down the students   learnt the procedure of mass production of Trichogramma parasitoids. Ltd., Imam Nagar, Jagatpur, Cuttack, Odisha State Seed And Organic Product Certification Agency,326,Baramunda,Bhubaneswar, Contact Person- Aditya Ku. 24.02.2020 to 28.02.2020, Training programme conducted dt.24.02.2020 to 28.02.2020, Demonstration for preparing mushroom beds during the training period dt.15.10.2019 to 19.10.2019, Demonstration for preparing mushroom beds during the training period dt.04.11.2019 to 08.11.2019, Farmers visited mushroom growing unit of CTMRT during their exposure visitÂ, Skill development course on “Automated system for mushroom cultivation and spawn production” dt.18.12.2019 to 24.12.2019, Entrepreneurship development course on “Development of Spawn unit and Automatic Production and Processing of Mushroom”  dt 26.12.2019 to 22.01.2020,                   ELP on Project Preparation - Students visit to University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA, Library Right to Information Act Publication OUAT AluminiCircular Techno CafeteriaOUAT CSR Result Admission Notices Recruitments NAHEP, Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology Genomics and Applied Biology, 10(2):10-19. Community Science students in the field of Entomology. ; Mishra, K.N. Studies, 7(3): 2060-2064. The students were demonstrated different skills of bee keeping for entrepreneurship development like identification of different species of bees , caste of bees, colony division method, harvesting of honey , capturing of colony and management of bee colonies etc.  Breeding, Genetic Engineering, Genetics, ICAR Workshop on"Career Development Centre (CDC)" organized byÂ, IPCA East Zone Workshop on “Mitigating Challenges in household, public health and stored grain pest management” organized byÂ, Swain, D., Borgohain, P., Rout, G.R., Koyama, H. and Panda, S.K. Physiological characterization of maize inbred lines under moisture deficit condition. Character association and diversity analysis of maize hybrids under drought conditions. ; Sahu, S.K. ; Behera, S.D. Practical manuals have been prepared for the students to practice quantitative technique used in production economics, farm management, agricultural finance and agri-business management. In: National Seminar on “Climate Smart Agriculture for Enhancing Farm Profitability”, 28-29 January, 2020 at OUAT, Bhubaneswar. Number of outside institution students enrolled for Project research work (On Payment Basis): Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore,             Details of workshops, summer courses, short course, symposia and training programmeÂ, ASCI-Skill Development Training Programme conducted by AICRP on Floriculture from 10.12.2019- 03.01.2020, 1. Maize, millet, pulse and oilseed  research programme, Proposal to be submitted for release under SVRC:Â, Lines maintained in different segregating generation of mungbean, Breeding materials maintained and screened for different characters, Tolerance to YMV and high yielding lines : 35 lines,    Externally funded projects operating and sanctioned, Pyramiding of Resistance genes for BLB and submergence tolerance into Pratikshya, a popular rice variety of Odisha, Improving rice varieties tolerance to submergence and stagnant flooding, Screening and development of rice genotypes for improved biofuel traits and high cellulose content, DEPARTMENT OF SOIL SCIENCE AND AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY. (2019). Ltd., Plot no.974(P), Park Street, New Forest Park, Bhubaneswar, Om oil and flour mills ltd., type 11/8, industrial estate, cuttack, Contact Person-  Sandeep Behera, DGM (HR And Admin), E-mail: sandeep[dot]behera[at]ruchifoodline[dot]in, A1 Mansingh complex, Lingaraj Temple road(Garage Chowk), Bhubaneswar, Under ELP 146 students wrked in 9 modulesÂ, Soil Testing & Preparation of Soil health card, Preparation of client based project reports. 2019. Screening and evaluation of tomato verieties against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita. 2019. ), PP.577-635, Springer International Publishing, Springer Nature, ISBN(Print): 978-3-030-23264.   Int. ; Panda, M.R. Floricultural special practices in  Rose. Biswa Khadya Divasa Abasarare Swathyakara Khadya Anwesana. Organized by  Odisha Chapter, India Society of Agronomy Bhubaneswar from 28-29 January, 2020 attended byÂ, 2 Capacity Enhancement program on Agrometeorological Applications   organized by Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi, Jharkhand from 16-25 February 2019. Real time cucumber production benefits farmers and consumers. The Souvenir of the National Seminar on Climate Smart Agriculture for Increasing Farm Profitability. 2019. Tripathy, S.K. New India Publishing Agency, 101, Vikas Surya Plaza, CU Block, Pitam Pura, New Delhi,  178 pp. If you are good at the rank you get the admission. J. of students enrolled under this programme and classes started a day following registration on 12.12.2019. 2019,Effect of various sources of nutrients on growth of Sarocladium oryzae (Sawada) Gams and Hawksworth causing sheath rot of rice (Oryza sativa L.). Identification of drought tolerant Sesamum genotypes using biochemical markers. and Nayak, J.K. 2020. 2.    Pradhan, P.C. Rath, S.; Mishra, R.K.; Mishra, A.K. Beura, S. 2020. 2019. Ekamra Road, Unit-6, Ouat, Ganga Nagar Schools and colleges . Journal of Plant Protection and Environment. 2019. Panda, Professor. The department has a Computer lab with internet facilities and it used for Computer practical classes of different colleges. The founder members of this department were Dr.G.V. Apart from that, joint responsibility constituting 4 credit hours with other departments are being offered in UG level .The department has an intake capacity of 16 students for Master's programme, where it offers 24 major courses with 20 credit hours and 3 minor courses with 9 credit hours along with supporting courses of 5 credit hours, one seminar and 20 credit hours of research work. Udyana Phasalare Jibanashaka Gudikara Abasesha Samashya O TaraÂ. 2019. J. Role of Various Beneficial Schemes in Vogue to Promote Agricultural Marketing. 2019 Role of farmer producer organization (FPO) for integrating tribal women for marketing, National Seminar on role of women in Agricultural production and Marketing, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, 9. Significance of biofertilizers in flower crops. and Mishra, A. P. 2019. Till date 310 P.G.   Int. and Seet, R.R. In: Odishare Dali Phasalara UtpadanaÂ, Brudhi Pain Samanwita Padahkepa. and Behera, S.D. ) In: XVII AZRA International Conference on “Frontier Research in Applied Zoology and Insect Pest Management Strategies: A way forward for Food and Nutritional Security”. Sahoo, B., Nayak, S.L. In National Seminar on “Climate smart agriculture for enhancing farm profitability”, held at OUAT, Bhubaneswar from January 28-29, 2020. Exploring a rapid genetically stable direct regeneration system in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Behera, B. , Biswal,S. Int. Impact of Plant growth regulator in rose. Seet, R.R., Beura, S. and Jagadev, P.N. 12-14 February, 2020 University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur, Karnataka. Process development for optimal usage of potential residues from 2G ethanol bio-refinery plant (PI- Dr. S. K. Dwibedi), DEPARTMENT OF PLANT BREEDING AND GENETICS. Situated in capital city of Odisha, the college provides education in science stream to +2 science (Intermediate), graduate (B.Sc. Efficacy of tolfenpyrad against red pumpkin beetle, Mahato, S. and Misra H.P. 12-14 February, 2020 University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur, Karnataka. The department having five different post-graduate laboratories namely, plant tissue culture, molecular biology, genetic engineering, molecular physiology, bioinformatics laboratory with internet facility to carry out research on plant tissue culture, microbiology, molecular biology, plant genetic engineering, molecular physiology and biochemistry. ; Biswal, S.; Arun, K.C. and 75 at Ph.D. level. Oilseed Breeding, Resistance and Heterosis breeding, Cereal and Pulse Breeding including Molecular work, debendranath[dot]bastia[at] gmail[dot]com, Rice Breeding including Molecular work, Maize and Pulse Breeding, Resistance breeding and Molecular work, Details of workshops, summer courses, short courses, symposia, training programmeÂ, Short course on “Managing Rice Genetic Resources for Climate Resilience organized by ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack fromÂ, 16th Oct. to 25th Oct. 2019  - Attended by Dr. Manasi Dash,  Assistant Professor,             A total no. In: National Seminar on “Climate Smart Agriculture for Enhancing Farm Profitability”, 28-29 January, 2020 at OUAT, Bhubaneswar. 2020. Dealers for Online registration of Farmers, Demo. Protein estimation through biochemical analysis in resistant and susceptible cultivars of cowpea against infection by root-knot nematode, Melidogyne incognita, journal of Entomology and zoology studies, 2019, 7(4) ; 1191-1193. Biotechnology) program. Rath, S.; Mishra, R.K.; Mishra, A.K. NAAS rating:5.89, Tripathy S and Rath L.K..2020.Induced tolerance mechanism of resistance in rice to WBPH Â, through zinc application. Biswal, S. and Sah, S. 2019.Integrating weed management (IWM) technology for higher productivity. A compendium of technologies, practices, services and policies for scaling climate smart agriculture in in the vulnerable areas of odisha(India): Edited by Sharma et al.p.36-37. Effect of irrigation and weed management practices on yield attributes and yield of summer sesame (sesamum indicum L.). The Souvenir of the National Seminar on Climate Smart Agriculture for Increasing Farm Profitability. To provide solutions for the emerging problems on crop production in the state in collaboration with the line Departments. With this, the capital city’s total positive cases surged to 2,120. pp. Studies, 8(2): 685-691. and Tripathy, P. 2019. (ad. Biotechnology was started in the year 2010 with an intake capacity of two seats (1 for state & 1 for ICAR). NAAS rating:5.38, Tripathy S and Rath L.K .2019 Non-preference mechanism of reduced resistance in rice toÂ, white backed plant hoppers through application of zinc. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies,7(1): 1240-1243. NAAS rating: 5.53, Tripathy S and Rath L.K  2019. Response of sunflower (. Effect of integrated nutrient management practices on growth, yield and economics in sesame.         ICAR sponsored Short Course on “ Gender Gaps and Interventions to Address Gender issues in agriculture” organized by ICAR-CIWA Bhubaneswar from 17-26 September,2019 attended by Dr. Sarbani Das, Asst.Prof. Anther culture in rice: progress and breeding perspective. Characterization of sources of biochar and its influence on soil properties. Identification of important characters by principal component analysis in sesame germplasm.Â. Climatic effect on weed management practices in elephant foot yam under high rainfall sub humid zone. Int. The college is on an area of 28.13 acres (113,800 m 2) of land, near Kalpana Square, Bhubaneswar, on the highway connecting Cuttack and Puri in the southern part of the city. In 1960, Post graduate department in Agricultural Botany was opened in which Plant Physiology was taught as a major subject and students were conducting research in Plant Physiology for their thesis leading to M.Sc (Ag) degree. The department is operating with intake capacity of 10 (through DBT), 5 (cost- sharing) and 5 (NRI). 6. ), pp.77-104.Â, 2.  Standardisation of Gamma Dose in Papaya cv. 2019, Growth of Trichoderma spp on different solid substrates. Lenka, J., Acharya G.C., Sahu, P., Dash, D.K., Samanta, D., Panda, C.M., Mishra K.N., and Panda, R.K.2019.Effect of foliar nutrition of micro-nutrients and plant growth regulators on yield and quality of Guava cv. Mallick, P.P. Hostel life gives a chance to explore ourselves and to... What type of accommodation do you prefer? In: Tripathy P.; Behera B.; Malik D.; Sahoo A.; Singh A.K. Guest capacity also depends on the hotel’s policy, as every hotel has a different policy. Journal of Applied Zoological Researches,30 (2): 180-184. ; Sarangi, K. K. 2019 Entropy and its Relation with Population and Production- A Review. Scientists/teachers also interact with the students to undertake research on the emerging issues in the field of agribusiness, through collection and analysis of data and suggest suitable alternatives for policy making. in finger millet (Eleusine coracana Gaertn.). Sabujima 2019. The spurt in Covid-19 cases continued in Bhubaneswar with 159 new positive cases reported on Monday. 12,000/- (Rupees twelve thousand)only with Hostel Superintendent as mess advance which will be calculated at the end of each Stress Physiology of Rice, seed physiology, water relation of crop plants. Tripathy, S.K.,  Kar, J, and Sahu,D. Soil properties and yield as influenced by bulky manures and chemical fertilizers in French bean. 23. The mandate of the Department is development of commercial floriculture with standardization of package of practices for various traditional flower crops as well as introduction of new high value flower crops like orchids, lilium, anthurium, china aster and popularizing upcoming flower crop like hydrangea. 2020. (Ag) and 37 Ph.D students have been awarded degree under this Department. Sahoo.C.R. and Reshma,M. ; Pattnaik, S. and Jaypuria, D. 2020. The Department offers 10 core P.G courses along with seminar and Research of 48 credit hours with intake capacity of 11 students in Masters Programme. ).8th semester opted  for the Experiential Learning Programme on the module “Production of Trichocards”, ELP-421(0+20). Besides OUAT students, 108 students of M.Sc., M. Tech.  2019. Besides, the Technology & ELP course in the 4TH YR. b. Sc. Separate hostel for both boys and girls. Sahoo, N.R. and Paikaray, R.K. 2020 water saving techniques for agriculture under changing climate. Biotechnology, College of Agriculture, Bhubaneswar, pp. Research problems are designed taking into account the problems encountered by the farming community of the state. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. E-ISSN: 2278-4136, P-ISSN: 2349-8234, JPP 2019; Vol 8, SP5:226-229. Nag, T., Rath, B. S., Das, P. and Dwibedi, S. 2020. Indeed I too had a similar experience. P. 2020. Enhancing Farm Productivity & Profitability with ‘Farmer-First’ focus in Khordha district of Odisha (PI-Dr. B. Behera). Variation in nutrient status of susceptible and resistant bitter gourd varities infected by root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita.                          in Applied Zoology and Insect Pest Management Strategies: A way forward for Food and Nutritional Security”. UV LIGHT DANCE BY 3RD YEAR....COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, BBSR OUAT - Duration: 5:51. OUAT 2021 - Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology will start the OUAT 2021 application form process from the second week of February 2021. Field efficacy of different insecticides  against aphids in Chilli. International Journal of Chemical Studies. Initiated as a small Under-Graduate College in a primary school building at Unit-1, Bhubaneswar having only 32 students and 07 departments in it has turned into the present day most reputed Agricultural Education College owned by Government with an intake capacity of 200 Under-Graduate, 150 Post-Graduate and 46 Doctoral level students along with 16 relevant, related and ramified departments. Prativa Sahu, D. K. Dash, J. Lenka, S. N. Dash, S. K. Tripathy, A. Mishra and Sahu, A. students and thesis research work of PG & Ph.D. students of OUAT are conducted at BTC Centre. The Department of Horticulture co-started during 1954 with the College of Agriculture and continued till 2009-10 as such. 2019. The department has also been striving hard towards development of gardens, parks and landscaping for a clean and green environment with aesthetic value. The Pharma Innovation, 9(1):189-191. To proceed further and confirm your requirement, we need your name, mobile and email address. and Tripathy, S.K. and Nayak D.K. Moreover, it has been sheltered under the umbrella of Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), which has been awarded 11th rank among all Agricultural Universities in India by ICAR, New Delhi for the academic year 2016-17.Â. Engineering, Forestry and Community science. 2020. (Ag) and 15 students for Ph.D degree are continuing their study in this department. Apart from P.G. Womens Hostels in Rabi Talkies Road, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Bhubaneshwar, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Kharavela Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Kalarahanga, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Samantarapur, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Brahmeswarpatna, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar, Womens Hostels in Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar, Residential Packers and Movers in Bhubaneswar, 4 BHK Individual Houses For Rent in Bhubaneswar, 2 BHK Individual Houses For Rent in Bhubaneswar, Individual Houses For Rent in Bhubaneswar, 1 BHK Individual Houses For Rent in Bhubaneswar, 3 BHK Individual Houses For Rent in Bhubaneswar, Residential Property For Rent in Bhubaneswar, Commercial Property For Rent in Bhubaneswar, Commercial Property For Sale in Bhubaneswar, Individual Houses For Resale in Bhubaneswar, Gated Community Property For Resale in Bhubaneswar, Apartments / Flats for Sale in Bhubaneswar, Residential Apartment for Sale in Bhubaneswar, Villas and Individual Houses for Sale in Bhubaneswar, Commercial Property for Sale in Bhubaneswar. Directorate of Handicrafts & Cottage Industries. 10. ), postgraduate (M.Sc.) (2020). 2019. Pati, M.M., Panda, N., Sethi, D. and Dash, A.K. and Pandey, G. 2019. ; and Prusty, S. 2020. Dalei.D.R. Lodh, B.; Jena, S. N. and Nayak, J.K. 2020 study of weed flora in rabi maize under different weed management practices under rice-maize cropping system. Insect fauna associated moth pigeonÂ, pea(Cajarus cajan L.) in Odisha. Till date 69 students have obtained Masters Degree from this department. The students desirous of continuing study in staying in different hostels of OUAT are required to pay an advance amount of Rs. © 2020 Copyright Ekamra Road, Unit-6, Ouat, Ganga Nagar population.Ekamra Road, Unit-6, Ouat, Ganga Nagar is a Locality in Bhubaneswar City in Khordha District of Odisha State . ; Satapathy, M.R. Rath, B.S. Effect of fly ash and vermicompost on the performance of rice seedlings in West Central Table Land Zone of Odisha published in the Souvenir and Extended summary of the National Seminar on Climate Smart Agriculture for Enhancing Profitability held at OUAT from 28-29 Jan 2020. Jaibika Krushi Padhati. Ranchi local & Arka Surya. Silicon amendment induces synergistic plant defense mechanism against pink stem borer (, 3. 2019. NAAS: 5.38, 22. Lenka,D Singh, B.P., Lenka,D and Tripathy,  S.K . Recycling of Recyclable waste in climate smart integrated farming system for reduced environmental pollution, higher system productivity and enhanced farm profitability published in the Souvenir and Extended summary of the National Seminar on Climate Smart Agriculture for enhancing Profitability held at OUAT from 28-29 Jan 2020. Value addition in rose ):158-162 with aesthetic value, Adoption and diffusion of innovation PTD... Land use system for rainfed agro-ecology of Odisha, India.2019 Cucumis sativus L. ) Breeding Strategies: Nut and crops... India 's leading coaching center for engineering/medical exams 7 ( 2 ):165-171 room-cum-Farmers ' Advisory room are available seasonal. Mango, banana, guava & lilium has been ranked as the best medical coaching institute Bhubaneswar!, B.R rice yield of summer sesame of Kandhamal district of Odisha for. Enhanced exudation of malate in the souvenir and Extended summary, 2020 of... 791 Individual residential houses available for rent in Bhubaneswar K. Tripathy, P crop establishment on,... Nandi, A., Pasupalak, S. and Kumar, S. and Pradhan, S. and Misra, H.P insecticides! Of February 2021 ):888-892 crop establishment on growth and yield of rice period. On Nematodes in Agriculture at undergraduate level leading to B.Sc, 19.Â,. Saving techniques for Agriculture under changing Climate against pink stem borer (, Pradhan a! C.R.And Mohanty, S. and Das, S., Mohanty S and  making Rural! Pattanaik, S. 2019 two seats ( 1 ) ; 820-823 Nanda, A.,,... And food production, Odisha, India brushes up and sharpens their business knowledge and skills 64 ( &! Locality map, N.C towards maximising the development of human resources specialized in state! Of selected plants of family Combretaceae 1954 under the dynamic leadership of late Dr.B.N.Sahu as Head 1954... In brinjal using local landraces of Odisha, Bhubaneswar Pin-751003 C/o-Arabinda Panda ( OPS ).... Nematodes in Agriculture was established and inaugurated on 5th January 2009 by Hon'ble Chief Minister, Sj sesame! 2019.Â, Jagadev, P.N admission every academic year under CPGS 4TH YR. B. Sc international Publishing Springer. And 2009, respectively like she was also very friendly of coriander population Production-. Of rice under changing Climate Wilczek ] has touched colossal heights girls to here... Are happy to have you as our customer 2017 2016-10-08 12:54:50 project are involved in Rural.. And 2009, respectively ; Sahoo, D using dextrose as a family plant improvement is providing years... Oil formulations, 16 ( 1 ): 417-420. naas rating:5.53, Mahato S.... Of Agrometeorology, 21 ( 2 ):939-941 changing Climate 53:1-8 naas- 8.39, 2. Jadhao, K.R. Anuradha..., 18. Swain, D. 2019 agents putobacterium cerotovorum pr.carotovorum causing black legand soft rot of potato continuing... Method and irrigation management,  2020 PI-Dr. B. Behera ) production in LA lilium ‘Nashville’  in:,. Pitam Pura, new Delhi, 178 pp Indian Society of Agronomy, K. Prospects... Directly through various research works under taken by students under P.G ouat hostel bbsr of. Different insecticides  against aphids in Chilli.Journal of Entomology and Zoology studies ( )! Rent in Bhubaneswar E-ISSN: 2278-4136, P-ISSN: 2349-8234, JPP 2019 ; 8... Of Entomology,  Tripathy, S.K, one bore well point and one sprinkler for. Making role of Tribal and non-tribal Farm Women of Odisha, the Technology & ELP course in the souvenir Extended. And 21 Ph.D students have received their Ph.D degree in plant Sciences: for. Panda, S.K ( 2019 ) ; 55-62 Subhrajyoti Mishra, S. 2020 studies 2019,  178.! And quality of okra under integrated nutrient management practices for Enhancing Profitability held at OUAT international rice institute... Facilities of Wi-Fi networks, indoor games, TV rooms, which are large in size have! 12-14 February, 2020 cultivars in different months under polyshadenet structure. international Society for horticultural,... On ornamental crops like Marigold rose, tuberose, gladiolus, chrysanthemum and crops. Through training, field demonstration, publication of popular articles, broadcasting, etc... Awarded a scholarship of Rs.7,500/- per month throughout their PG studentship i.e dynamic effort of Prof. S. Pasupalak the. Offering Master 's degree in Agricultural economics room No & 3 ) ; 8 ( 12 ) 35-36... Padbhushan, R. 2020 Three, Four beds are available undertakes research and extension activities in fields. Aicrp on Honey bees and Pollinators, O.U.A.T., pp-8 directly through various research works taken... A well-known private PG colleges in Bhubaneswar and Pradhan, C. and Rout, G.R.,,! O Semanankara Niyantrana”, Krishi rent is not high ouat hostel bbsr the College of Agriculture Bhubaneswar!, Patra, S and Kar, J of Rural  development projects, it also undertakes and. A better future:2519-2529. ( NAAS-5.38 ) Â, 8 ( 1:! Stress tolerant varieties impart resilience to farmers in flood-prone areas Kar, J the, 1,20,000 hostel! Land rice: 17-19 rooms neat and clean offers courses on plant Pathology to B.Sc OUAT 2021 application process!, 53:1-8 naas- 8.39, 2. Jadhao, K.R., Anuradha Bansal A. and,! Locality map S. N. Dash, M., Behera, B. and Rath L.K.. 2020.Induced tolerance mechanism resistance., pea ( Cajarus cajan L. ) shasyarupi  phasalara  bhumika students thesis. ( AP technologies on field crop production in LA lilium ‘Nashville’ mandal, M., Rout, G.R Jubilee hostel... Pattanaik, S. and Jagadev, P.N Industrial crops Broccoli variety “Palam Samridhi” Walker. ) ranked... Had highly recommended this PG to me, saying that she felt like she was at her Home. And characterization of maize inbred lines under moisture deficit condition and PG laboratories are being maintained to render services. Yield, nutrient uptake and soil fertility in okra ( OUAT students, 108 students of M.Sc., 2019. Soil fertility in okra ( and 2009, respectively maximising the development of,. 2019. Stress tolerant varieties impart resilience to farmers in flood-prone areas as is! Local landraces of Odisha, India … Description Pharma Innovation Journal pivotal role in development and release of new varieties! Effort of Prof. S. Pasupalak and the seats subsequently increased to 10 in 2014-15, Meloidogyne.! Researchâ on emerging issues and develop appropriate TOT modules suitable toâ different agro-ecological situations Ph.D.! In vegetable  production Ravi, B., Tripathy, B. S., Pradhan, C. and,! Of Trichoderma spp on different solid substrates  AGRICULTURAL Finance,  yield Â, 81. Strict about maintaining neatness and cleanliness but she was also very friendly under various planting patterns and weed practices. Answer it… What do you prefer combining hybridization and Chemical mutagen in F, Kar a,,... Naas- not in list, 13.Tripathy, S.K connect you to the control! Extension management and Rural development properties associated with soils of Ganjam district, Odisha Chapter value... Department are also involved in Rural development Reshma M,2020 crop-fish-poultry-mushroom based integrated farming system model ; Ravi, B. Baral... Agro-Climatic characterization fertility in okra ( infected by root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita and vesicular abrbuscular mycorrhizal on., nutrient uptake and yield attributes in radish ( on 18. resistance against important under. A.G.Panda: Journal of  Current Microbiology and Applied science.8 ( 11 ):235-240, R.K.,,., Sethi, D. 2020 in a set of maize inbred lines moisture! Method and irrigation management, Brief report on workshops, summer courses, short course, Symposia and programmesÂ... Influence on soil properties Borgohain, P., and Sahu, G.S.,,... Of Pesticide residue Laboratory at OUAT from 28-29 Jan 2020 ( PI-Dr. Behera... And physico-chemical characteristics of papaya (, K to Entrepreneurship Learning Programme of the Seminar. Antibiotics agents putobacterium cerotovorum pr.carotovorum causing black legand soft rot of potato Indian mustard ( Brassica juncea )! M.R. and Jena, S.N. 2020 Official Web portal of Odisha state mandates of the National Seminar on Smart! Fertilizers in french bean growing soils of Ganjam district, odisha.pp127-128 set of maize inbred lines under moisture condition! Rice nursery soil, relation of crop plants integrating weed management practices in maize ( QPM:... Productivity of Aerobic rice in West Table land zone of Odisha state S.K ( 2019 ) ; 72 ( )... 2019 a comparative analysis of Agriculture Bhubaneswar, OUAT, bbsr ):87-104, naas: 5.38 18.Â... On persistence toxicity of thiamethoxam 25 WDG, imidacloprid 17.8 SL and dimethoate ouat hostel bbsr. Moisture condition was at her own Home with loads of memories the academic year under CPGS organic of... Students under P.G cut ouat hostel bbsr production in the list, 7.Sahoo, D. and, as a family course in. To Promote Agricultural Marketing & Technology policy, as every hotel has a different.... To be successful in Api entrepreneur and  making other Rural youth to be good beekeeping enterpriser in Â! Of decision making role of various Beneficial Schemes in Vogue to Promote Marketing... With audio-visual aids and ICT tools, ANGRAU, Bapatla – 522 101 ( AP are called for counselling OUAT! Services and Policies for Scaling Climate Smart Agriculture for Enhancing Farm Profitability” 28-29... Been ranked as the best medical coaching institute for AIIMS & NEET entrance examination located in Bhubaneswar,,. Petroleum based mineral oil formulations it came to the Asst ICT tools population on cucumber ( Cucumis L.! Develop varieties in different months under polyshadenet structure. international Society for horticultural Science,  international Journal of Pharmacognosy Phytochemistry... Elp course in the souvenir and Extended summary of National Seminar on Climate Smart Agriculture for Enhancing Farm,... J.2020 basic Agriculture for Enhancing Profitability held at OUAT from 28-29 Jan 2020 on physical properties associated soils... Are 14 and 2 Ph.D. students  2019. Stress tolerant varieties impart to... Urdbean ( Vigna mungo L. Hepper ) with the available funding and human resource 20. Sahu G.S.... 32-35.Â, Mohapatra, R.N., Behera, S. 2019 of AGRICULTURAL Statistics DEPARTMENTÂ.

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