How to contact us about irrigation equipment, dust control and improved riding arena footing with waterreels, Selecting the correct waterreel traveling sprinkler for your use, Order a waterreel traveling sprinkler on the telephone, new turbine driven waterreel traveling sprinklers, waterreel traveling sprinkler irrigation for old and new cemeteries, Sprinkler irrigation equipment and systems for small pasture irrigation, waterreels, slurryreels, spray booms, wastewater disposal, construction site dust control, waterreel traveling sprinkler irrigation for sports fields, grounds, parks, recreation areas, soccer fields, football fields, ball diamonds, playgrounds, schools, cities, fairgrounds, arenas. Yuzuak sprinkler guns are produced for those who want perfect irrigation with the performance, technology, reliability and the feature of uniform coverage. The 1000R features interchangeable nozzles and "leak … It was packaged in a US Postal Service priority mailing box with no protective padding inside. Heavy-duty brass nut, tube & diffuser screw. FAQ's . I love all the adjustments it has, including flow rate, spray pattern and of course adjustable swath too. We have 2 acres of blueberrries in S. Oregon. The second spray nozzle under the main one ensures uniform coverage. This allows for effective absorption into the soil whilst eliminating pooling and run off. Wheeled sprinkler stands (1.5" and 2" inlet/output) are perfect for any irrigation sprinklers operating up to 5 - 6 bar pressure! The Strongway® Wheeled Sprinkler cart is constructed with heavy-gauge 1 1/4in. Condition: New. DALYA IRRIGATION is an USA owned company which is the offical distributor of Yuzuak Sprinklers ® based in Florida, operating on an international scale. They are perfect for any portable irrigation systems. The sprinkler can follow a gentle curve to match an irregular field boundary. Irripod Plus is a flexible, cost effective pipeline sprinkler irrigation system for pasture and forage crops. The 1.5″ Pivot Jet features features smooth turbine driven part or full circle operation which is much easier on equipment than impact driven guns. The 1000F heavy duty sprinkler cart with wheels is constructed of 1” heavy gauge steel pipe with solid 1.5" steel axle. Its interchangeable nozzles and adjustable jet breaker provide perfect irrigation with evenly distributed water. We are dedicated to providing a range of irrigation sprinklers and their spare parts. Heavy-duty brass nut, tube & diffuser screw. "Sprinkler Pads" Make Pasture Irrigation Easy At 76 years of age, he wants to do as little labor as possible to maintain his 55 acres of pasture that supports 40 head of cattle and 80 head of sheep. Impulse sprinkler heads are spaced about 50-75' apart and screwed into T-fittings on the pipe. Our plants are over 30 years old. Up to 7,800 sq. Water cannon long range sprinkler for irrigation. Save money and time with DuCaR sprinkler connection stands! Irriforce – Midi TD2000-300 Irrigation Traveler, Irriforce -Mini TD1500-130 Irrigation Traveler, 2” Wheeled Sprinkler Cart with Hose Reel + Sprinkler Head + 150ft PVC Hose (90psi/6bar), Pivot Jet 1.5″ Gear Drive Sprinkler Big Water Gun, Male Quick Coupling Q88 For Sprinkler System 3″ NPT Female Thread, Female Quick Coupling Q88 For Sprinkler System 3″ NPT Male Thread, Male Quick Coupling Q60 For Sprinkler System 2″ NPT Female Thread, Female Quick Coupling Q60 For Sprinkler System 2″ NPT Male Thread, Female Quick Coupling Q60 For Sprinkler System 1,5″ NPT Male Thread, Quick Coupling Set For Sprinkler 2” x 1.5”, Jet35 Gear Drive Sprinkler Head – 1.5″ Female Thread.

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