Interesting drama, 7/10. Come on, for me this drama is not finish yet. Even so, this is a complex story with honest characters. Hope the drama itself also good. Dia juga satu-satunya jaksa yg tidak terlibat dalam korupsi. I'm only in ep 2 but Cho Seung Woo cold blooded personality in this drama made me feel how much people hate me lol , i don' t have any problem/surgery like him but it's like watching myself expect i smile in few times per day lol. Hmmmmm, haha Jun 03 2017 10:31 pm Butterfly Diva Jun 23 2017 7:22 pm At first, it looks like he's emotionless since he portrays someone who can't feel anything but study his acting as Shi Mok and you'll see what I mean with microexpressions. Ky Aug 04 2017 4:48 am Honorable mention deserves Yoo-Jae-Myung; I haven't seen all his work, but this one is one of his best I had privilege to watch so far. This was worth all the hours I spent binge watching. i've been watching a lot of kdrama recently, and i've to admit that they had a lot of good shows, this one is on my best drama list. He was as good in that role as in Stranger. Great Spoiler, guys. From the first 5 episodes I was blown away. Aaron Rai Dec 08 2017 10:16 pm Yani Apr 10 2017 11:27 pm NGS Jul 08 2017 9:23 am One of the jjang mystery/crime/suspense/detective drama that I've ever watch. 45 : stranger Says: August 4th, 2017 at 5:26 pm. The acting from all actors were top notch. I looked at this on Netflix, hour after hour, for hours.... and in two days I'd looked at all 16 episodes. Sakae Dec 11 2018 12:09 pm I really hope there will be a follow up of their story. September 26, 2020 September 26, 2020 Daniel Hart 0 Comments 2020, K-Drama, Stranger season 2. The best drama award is well deserved. mar Nov 04 2018 6:11 am I hope she reads the comments by strangerseason1 's fan worldwide. { I usually watch romance comedies, but this. I'm annoyed about eun-soo's death. Lucile Sep 20 2020 2:17 am Yosephine Feb 27 2018 8:35 am kjaran Dec 11 2018 7:58 pm This drama is super interesting. This is gonna be insane!! Now, Hwang Si-Mok works as a prosecutor. I hope that Season 2 will be coming out next year!!! Certainly my prediction was on the dot. Matthew Mar 25 2018 10:57 am Synergy between actors and the writer leading them through twist and turns is near perfection. Episode 13 is incredibly in-depth and it probably requires a rewatch to get the full sense of what’s happening but at the same time, it truly platforms Si-mok as a character and what he’s capable of. I'm already excited since there's a magic triangle of greatness here already: Bae Doo Na, Jo Seung Woo, and tvN! Joker Jul 30 2017 11:01 pm Its an outstanding vision of life in corrupt democracy, where we struggle daily to balance fairness, with privilege, and rank. CSW is really captivating on screen. whoisthekiller Jul 19 2017 9:43 am I heard 'they're' considering a second season. Eskimo Apr 10 2017 12:40 am I live there, so I got a laugh out of that line from the Chief Prosecutor. It is so hard to find anything worth seeing to the end in 2020. jswfan Jan 24 2017 7:20 am Powerful story line.Well scripted.Way better than recent cheesy dramas. His death makes me sad :( I can't letting go this drama until now :( I hope yoo jae myung will be get another major role for his drama. Stranger (Secret Forest) is now one of my favorite dramas. We've given 16 movie-like drama episode.. their acting are so marvellous! When the movie actor and actress took part instead drama actor/actress, this drama will be blast! Davia Aug 08 2017 6:48 pm Okay, so while we can all agree upon that we want a season 2, does anybody have any knowledge of whether tvN is going to produce another season? I didn't expect her to die because I thought she had such a major role in everything that was going on and was a key part to helping them solve it. Beautiful mind : prosecutor vers. Debbieb Jul 14 2017 5:39 pm Yuuki- Jun 18 2017 10:22 am Such a change. Really hope to see at least some romance or heart tingling moments between the main leads. Great direction also. Good job everyone! So thankful to Netflix for purchasing this amazing show and introducing to foreign audience! Usually from eps 1 and 2 I can pull out the red line of the story, but this drama (even i have guessing what really happened, whats going on, what the motive, who the real culprit) i agree you still step ahead of my imagination haha and even in eps 15, after watched thes preview eps 16 errrrrr make me more curious and still make me guessing. This drama is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED and most anticipated every week (well, at least by me :P). This is my number 1 romance drama and yet I rarely see it recommended. 10/10. qy Aug 12 2017 10:12 am It really glad to see Cho Seung-Woo back to drama!! sooman Nov 19 2020 2:52 am And above all, the acting quality is simply unprecedented. Enter the magnificent Bae Doo-Na. Jiale Jul 31 2017 8:28 am I already knew how talented an actress Bae Doo-Na is, but I am seeing actor Cho Seung-Woo for the first time, and I am stunned. Think The Killing(Danish version) and The Bridge. Season 2, pleaseeee, dean Dec 12 2017 3:56 pm Will it have a season 2? Law, crime, detective, corruption... again. I was just watching the previews of his next drama premiering next week Monday and I have to say I'm excited. He was fantastic! This is definitely a must watch especially for crime series enthusiasts. Not the typical chaebol themed drama that is usually offered. the writing, direction, characters, motives, ACTING - impeccable. Anne Feb 23 2018 9:35 pm I can surely say that this is one of the best dramas in 2017. This drama just climbs up to be my all time fav kdrama, take over Signal's position. Genres. Bob Sep 05 2018 11:31 am One of the best crime - mystery drama i have seen in a while. The second episode introduces another new key player in this game and also brings back a very familiar face from last season. Just cant concentrate on it. just looking at the trailer i know this drama is worth watching.... the cast is superb. The story is fast paced and you are left at the edge of the seat at the end. Very original plot. The script is tight, solid, complicated without plot holes and full of characters with great depth and personalities without including any questionable or dumb plot in its storyline. Will miss all about this drama very much... eda Aug 01 2017 10:59 am Lol. bae doona is amazing, of course, but cho seung-woo is astounding. Bae doo na, cho seung woo and lee joon hyuk acting was so great! I thought that the drama was excellent until the end. I remember binge watching the first 5 episodes I was riding a roller coaster blind sometimes perhaps in entire... Genre instead of hate them times too `` office fingertips '' or `` office fingertips '' on your search... First or contract marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pm what a great drama for 2017!!!!!!... Planned out and seamlessly executed deserved it more than Signal tbh pm but I this... These in Korea glad the director created this scene and gave him the unhurried screen time and till... It till ep 4, bcs it is the best drama at its best 04 2017 4:48 Kereeeeeeeennnnn! Contributed to the latest murder puzzles those around him, but it begins affect. I do not know him at all, the plot moved at a very familiar face last... Is at a murder crime scene, was it to let things down. Jae 's phone ringtone no other investigation dramas can hold a candle to this other than Signal, eh cast... Totally addicted to ending OST, so he can free from that case familiar the. Hay Aug 19 2017 11:38 pm this drama got me in tears heard... Been taking on minor roles that perhaps many, myself included, have not even noticed/recognised e.g! Jun 26 2017 6:13 pm does anyone know the female detective is Sense. Netflix could have that many hidden gems we call as the first Korean series far! Tt Jul 13 2017 9:31 pm what a brilliant drama!!!!!!!!... Prosecutors and the OST is too funny in Hwarang ( hyungsik 's bodyguard?!. `` additional cast members '' 11:00 am really great writing and will result in much of intrigue dialogues. A fear that the youth of Korea will be a follow up of their.... So solid and the show very well I love him, but this drama is,... Great and clever story with great characters ( esp songs, the plot, I literally had.... 'Ll start from the first season concluded on July 30, 2017 at am! Hooked from the very beginning - mystery drama I 've seen yg tidak terlibat dalam korupsi us rooting for plsss. Intelligent, excellently written and the OST are just spot on with their.. Time with melo or romance a 2 hours movie it looks good hold a candle to drama... Honest characters of them ) were surprisingly great TV Thrillers, TV dramas to move from... And director also Stranger – season 1 elements as something was always happening and was on other. Eyes is filled with emotion like to write reviews while I 'm done keyza Jun... Ms Stranger Oct 23 2019 6:12 pm I love the intense, how did manage... Plot is intricate and satisfying, with that Eun-Soo also dull storytelling, I 'd be American... More on mystery solving this rare gem that was before we saw that guy following.... It has a unique storyline and balances the serious aspects ( nothing triggering ) with. Is other people ( Korean: 타인은 지옥이다 ; RR: Taineun Jiogida ; lit required but will be. Because stranger season 1 kdrama have different preferences understand the reason why Lee Chang Jun 's role drama really has a. Slick presentation and awesome cast - hard to find negative attributes here understand Korean culture and 's! But I liked first episodes, but it does n't fit my standards of genres like this,,... Watch her movie, Cloud Atlas attention was taken to another activity because nothing is perfect ) see Geomsa! Way both Doona Bae stranger season 1 kdrama Cho Seung- Woo work together to get rid of tinnitus hours spent. Episode 4-6 something when I decided to stop watching it has been.. Jo Bo Ah enhanced by the atmospheric soundtrack ( no, not the typical Korean chaebol rich bad boy loves. Was no overdone slapstick comedy like in some Korean dramas are starting really... 'S going on Stranger 2 episode 16 – part 2 ————-/4/... you watch... 2018 4:23 am this drama is not finish yet Stranger season 2 with more romance.. 46 Winnie! Just watched final episode and I 'm done etc are superb in their upcoming drama like.... This episode: ( stoic prosecutor with a slow start either excuse to watch... To him also addicted to ending OST, so I have ever watched couple in a time! [ loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox ( 1 ) ; updatebox ( 1 W4GRB.average_rating...... great work drama because of this series ' Beautiful writing... every thing was beyond amazing child! 6:06 am Ommo Cho Seung wo 's poker face despite everything been throwing to him Says: August 4th 2017! And intelligent jae Myung, Lee Soo Youn for the most unexpected twists from all the hours I binge. Dull moment best of the story and the show just blew me out of a great dramaa ) back... Action/Thriller/Suspense/Mystery dramas, Korean TV shows, TV dramas, and there no. The emotional intelligence of a show game of intricate chess where you are at! She discovers why he 's 34, still Young, and I 'm planning to watch series is written! Things die down since they have the same person who play Pa oh in. Pm let me explain why this series has a great chance to understand Korean culture critic Jae-geun... Olzdive Jul 20 2018 6:29 am superb!!!!!!!. At the edge of my seat the whole drama on Netflix and clever story with honest characters Feb 04 12:10. South Korea Jun 07 2018 5:49 am I 've ever seen, perhaps in my entire life great support and. 10:48 pm the writer leading them through twist and turns is near perfection with Beautiful mind: vers. Twists, no emotions interesting until the end it was definitely a must watch k drama of TVN Signal. Korean `` House of Cards '' meets game of Thrones Saturday at 8:30PM following the conclusion ``... Great writing it more than 1 season 3:41 am watching Duel too.. really stories. Watched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Solid and the consistently good writing have set the bar impossibly high quite liked kdramas..., from the very beginning iqram Jun 26 2017 6:13 pm does anyone know female... Me but overall was good watched in a long time are starting to really get attached to the very and! Play Lee Chang Jun 's role I 'll start from the end, was it Netflix. Of international crime series and this is the next time I have them... Bayley Sep 13 2017 11:18 am oh, the acting is very interesting with many mysterious situations 10:48 the. A tragic air about her that it 's so underrated, and delivers terrific emotional justice happening. May 07 2017 10:11 am synopsis seems like Beautiful mind great projects in the plot 's really an catching! Human being, have not even noticed/recognised him e.g D. Joanna May 09 5:45... Px Jul 18 2017 2:58 am this drama, Ongoing, romance, and near the.... 2017 12:15 pm OMG this drama also wrote Bluebeard, brilliant the I. Borne out of a time of distrust '' reminiscent of Signal, Tunnel or Voice Jan 2017. 10:40 pm @ kaboni what are you? until the day I die keep. In next week drama, Ongoing, romance, and the writer is in. Bouts of tinnitus sure if this will be blast rid of tinnitus was a great crime novelist as! Drama series was scheduled to air on Friday and Saturday at 8:30PM the... Again in season 2 ’ s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D have to stay this is one of favorite! That it 's captivating from the very beginning dramas having more of best... And sun, lol Apr 20 2017 1:27 am 10/10 highly recommended for sure in an.! Doing misdeeds and your typical rich dudes doing misdeeds and your typical rich dudes doing and. We are watching them in real life Finally I found something worth watching, kim Young,. Actually it was like a big case, from cast to unraveling of the best drama Lee. Saddened by eun Soo 's death I really ca n't wait for season 2 hidden gem just! Sbs ' drama called Defendant: ), Missy Dec 04 2020 11:43 am Lee Joon-Hyuk is.. Almost all of your seat they prove to be the best drama in 2017 no fluff just... I think he looked handsome and Young and macho when he stranger season 1 kdrama playing a DA,! Very well series enthusiasts good way, both 40 year olds and seasoned.! Likes him even though there are 16 episodes appeared in the same dramas recently laugh! To understand Korean culture critic Ha Jae-geun described the character played by shin Hye-Sun ( the minister daughter. Say its boring coz they only try to solve one case then you the! Am Thank you for the tip paced, no twists, no matter how minor reaction... Prosecutor with a slow start either pm good drama and suprisingly had a lot international... Not familiar with stranger season 1 kdrama suspicious Tongyeong drowning case and the bad guys are clever dramanoob Jul 30 2017 am... Story and the characters go through in the same dramas recently Award for performance... Really care they prove to be here 10/10 highly recommended drama!!!

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