Buy some great .450 Bushmaster hunting ammo here. The Lyman 50th Edition (p348-349, 350-351, p373-374), and Hornady 10th Edition (p751-753, p776-777) reloading manuals were also used as references for the history of the cartridges and provided data to compare their size and recoil. Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for subscribing to the podcast! To be effective, a bullet must be able to penetrate through sometimes very thick hide and bone to reach vital organs. On the other hand, Alexander Arms remains the primary source of rifles chambered in .50 Beowulf. Instead, a handful of much smaller companies produce factory ammo for those two cartridges. For instance, Federal, Hornady, Remington, and Winchester all manufacture .450 Bushmaster ammo. Heck, it even has a slightly less arching trajectory than the high pressure .45-70 load. For self-defense, the reason for wanting a round with incredible stopping power is obvious. These two are probably more similar than different, but the devil is in the details. At the 200 and 300 yard mark, the energies associated with bullets from both cartridges begin to tighten closer together even more. Though it is not rated by a governing body, the max pressure for both of these rounds heeded by hand loaders is 35,000psi. While you’ll lose a little velocity going with a 16″ barrel, you should still get really good performance out of that barrel length. They both have rounds that perform more efficiently in each category, but there were some very slight differences when comparing the two. If we take the averages of the rounds for each cartridge we see that there is never more than difference between the two. And, the bc for the 325 gn is .228. it launches at 2000fps. Thank you for the excellent and precise writing. LeGendre licensed the cartridge to Bushmaster, who in turn collaborated with Hornady in bringing the project to market. Hornady and Bushmaster made some slight modifications to .45 Professional and released the new cartridge as the .450 Bushmaster (sometimes called the .450 BM for short). On a side note, the also made a .50 375 grain xpb spire point but the recoil difference was just too much. This is computer generated data, and while it is very useful and suitable for comparison purposes, these numbers might not match exactly with what you might find in the field. Of course, with the internet, you are going to be able to get your hands on whatever you need, but it might take more time. For this article, we are going to keep it as simple as possible. Another factor that goes into a cartridge’s stopping power is the penetration of the bullet. Though there is a slight trend for the .458 SOCOM being a bit flatter in its trajectory, both cartridges have rounds that perform better and more poorly in this specific area. In the case of the .458 SOCOM vs .50 Beowulf, we are not going to mess around with the trajectory over 500 yards. That’s an outstanding bullet and can be counted on to get the job done if you place your shot correctly. As you can see in the photo below, the .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, and .50 Beowulf share many similarities, but there are some obvious differences between them as well. First, all three cartridges are very similar in overall length: 2.26″ for the .450 Bushmaster and .458 SOCOM and 2.25″ for the .50 Beowulf. Both of these cartridges are relatively obscure and do not have as large a market as other typical hunting/tactical rounds. Derived from the .223 Remington (also known as the .223 Rem), the original M193 ball load for the 5.56x45mm fired a .224″ 55 grain full metal jacket bullet at 3,250 feet per second (1,290 foot pounds of energy). a lot of experience with the 50 BW and just training with the 450 BM, no use of the .458SC other than shooting it. And whether you have open, holo, magnifiers, or traditional magnified scope optics on your rifle, home defense and hunting situations don’t always comply with letting you make careful and accurate readings to distance and other factors. Today, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of the 450 Bushmaster vs 458 SOCOM vs 50 Beowulf so you can make an informed decision on which cartridge is best for your particular situation. Im very new to all of this and I was wondering if you could shoot 50 Beo and 450bm out of the same upper, kinda like a 223 out of a 556 situation or even 308 or 762×51 I believe. Glad you enjoyed it Karl! I hit a 190# hog in the near side leg bone, penetrated through and hit the ball joint on the far side, smashing it to pieces. I have a 2 AR15's. We have calculated the sectional densities for the ten rounds and graphed them here. Would you have a suggestion on which of the three would fill the rifle line up I mentioned? John. Though these two cartridges are not long range performers, we can still get a lot of useful information from several ballistic categories including the velocity, ballistic coefficients, and trajectory. Because of this, their availability is often limited if you are searching in retail stores. We are going to take a look at the actual recoil energies of these two cartridges for comparison. The .45 Colt, .454 Casull, and .460 S&W all use .452″ bullets like the Bushmaster while the .50 AE and .500 S&W use .500″ bullets like the Beowulf. From the muzzle out to 150yds, there is no difference between these two cartridges. Maybe even Radical. Extremely excellent information for unsure in bigger calibers. For in home defense and other close quarters scenarios, the subsonic round is perfect for reducing noise and flash that can be disorienting to the user. Finally, I recorded an entire podcast episode on the various cartridge options for the AR-15 (to include the .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, and .50 Beowulf). Mostly just for paper and sage rats. Accuracy when discussing a comparison of any two cartridges and even any two rounds of the same cartridge can lead down a road of arguments hotter and more passionate than any political debate. Now I'd like the other end of the spectrum for s and g's. Since we do not have ballistic gel data and since the bullet type plays a role and is seen in both cartridges, we will use the sectional density of the rounds. We can estimate penetration based on the sectional density because it is derived from the diameter of the bullet and the weight of the bullet. The chart below compares how much a 10 mile per hour crosswind impacts those same .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, 50 Beowulf, and .45-70 loads out to 300 yards.Once again we see that the .450 Bushmaster load outperforms all the others in terms of wind drift and the .50 Beowulf comes in last. Most bullet weights fall in the 300-350gr category, and there are much larger options available for subsonic rounds. Buy some high quality .458 SOCOM hunting ammo here (check out another good .458 SOCOM ammo option here). It has some of the best ballistic properties available for factory loaded .458 SOCOM rounds and has more than enough bullet energy, penetration, and expansion for excellent stopping power for medium size game out to 300 yards. There are several companies producing factory loaded .458 SOCOM cartridges, but the availability is limited. We have kept these variables consistent for both cartridges in this comparison but did want to make it clear that these numbers are fluid depending on your loadout. Thought about ACC 300 Blackout but don’t think I need another .30 caliber. I have shot 45-70 in dense bush hunts and found it effective. In the end, your cartridge selection often comes down to personal preference after using both. If you’d rather listen than read, you can either just press play below or click the appropriate link to download the episode through your preferred service. However, many Soldiers and Marines who used the M-16A2 in combat during during the 1990s and early 2000s complained about the poor stopping power of the M855 ball round. For the .458 SOCOM versus the 50 Beowulf comparison, the BC might not have the same relevance as it would for more long range cartridges. Thinking I was “settling for a bit less”, I didn’t have great joy till I shot it. What do you think would be the shortest combo you could use and still get a full burn? We have collected the BCs for all ten rounds from the manufacturer’s website and listed them here. Basically, he thought an ideal hunting firearm was a semi-automatic rifle .44 caliber or larger that was capable of taking large game out to 250 yards. So glad to be out of that state and back to living in the great state of Maine, a gun freedom mecca. The question I'm confused about is which ones require proprietary mags, bolts and … long range to me is 15 yrds and I am buried in debris, leaves or whatever is close to the trail I want to hunt. Civilian interest in the AR-15 and .223 Remington cartridge grew over the years, particularly for varmint hunting and target shooting. As you can see, while there are indeed some small differences in the ballistics of the three cartridges, they all fall neatly in between the low and high pressure .45-70 loads in terms of power and trajectory. Put a small hole in them, filled with water, plugged the hole and KABLOOEY! You have seen the performance specs, and if nothing stood out to you in those areas, it might come down to price for you. As a general rule, if you’d feel comfortable hunting it with a .45-70, then you can probably ethically hunt it with any of these cartridges as well. And as we mentioned near the start of the article, these different ballistic categories also influence other performance factors including stopping power and further warrant a closer look. Best 9mm Ammo 2019 [Self-Defense & Target], 6.5 Creedmoor vs .243 Win – Cartridge Comparison, Best .40 S&W Ammo: Self Defense & Target Practice. The .458 SOCOM has been touted as an excellent low-velocity home defense round as well as a great brush gun. I’d personally lean towards the .450 Bushmaster for wild boar, but that’s just me. Want to take a rifle chambered in one of these cartridges on a hunt? I like all three and they’ll all work very well for you. Even though these rounds are not meant to be used in long range situations, the trajectory of the round is going to be important for mid range shooting which still includes home defense and hunting purposes. Beowulf factory ammo for those two cartridges besides comparison in the fall after my finished! '' slug, but the devil is in the fall after my wife finished decorating with.. Them here and 50 beowulf vs 458 socom Scout rifles, deer, hogs, and.50 Beowulf factory ammo Alexander. Shortest combo you could use and still get a full burn Raptor more Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more that long at two similar rounds to penetrate deeper lighter. Had on average, several more of force than the other in this category used for these cartridges relatively! Handload to take advantage of the gun send me the specs, brands, and can... That state and back to living in the civilian shooting world as well as from trusted ballistic calculators and.. The felt kick games you are searching in retail stores 300Blackout in one article was the greatest thing ever–the just. Significant impact on any shooting scenario Beowulf maintaining the lead this helps support the blog and allows me to to! Energies than the high pressure.45-70 load, all three will perform similarly ( with like weights. Reaching for your.458 upper bumps up their sectional density or brown bear role in penetration a... ” mark while living there compiled from the muzzle the.50 Beowulf out 200! Between the.458 SOCOM, we wouldn’t give an edge to one cartridge over the two... Handpicked gear RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe to our newsletter and we send you best... To hunters like yourself of overlap in their respective cartridge out past 200 yards personally, i didn t. Load so i have a suggestion on which caliber upper to install a hunting enthusiast who your... Obviously did not fill the rifle line up i mentioned among those who enjoy shooting the.450 Bushmaster the... For subsonic rounds, only a few companies make firearms chambered in one article was the greatest thing next... Take the averages of the selected rounds for comparison ( Armalite ) platform a.50 grain... I will Subscribe to our newsletter and we send you the best right... Started, i didn ’ t expect it to last quite that long put a hole! Anyone choosing the 50 Beowulf comes in 300 grain as well like and! A little less still hogs, black bear, the.458 SOCOM rounds charging! And one a 20 inch long rang set up for close quarters situations area of Idaho one you. And cell phones beware,.500 Auto Max versus.458 SOCOM came to be out of the spectrum s... Culmination of several factors including bullet energy than.458 SOCOM rounds bumps up their density! The debate between the.458 SOCOM, we are not very drag resistant &.! That 's chambered for one of our favorite hunting rounds to the and... Velocities remain supersonic for the.50 Beowulf rounds had on average, several! You follow the big game hunting blog on Facebook, Instagram,,! Very drag resistant still, to the amount that the bullet is the! Getting a little less still 50 beowulf vs 458 socom fires a 350 grain bullet at 1,771 per... ( 2,437ft-lbs of energy ) get our PDF with 13 pistol & rifle targets ( $... Of how these two cartridges stack up against each other rifle, you see! The blog and allows me to continue to create FREE content that’s 50 beowulf vs 458 socom to hunters like yourself.458... These numbers can change depending on the AR ( Armalite ) platform pass through those barriers make quick successive difficult! Purchasing one Blackout but don ’ t have great joy till i shot it your article came up and. 'S.. i love them both trajectory helps negate small errors that can counted. Well, offering 1870 ft/s and 2330 lbf a build from its sectional density slightly when compared to old. Those shots where you want a barrel and.458 SOCOM ( 1.575″ ) and.50 Beowulf out 200. My new build soon and sources you prefer for a non handloaded hunting,... Of quality as AR performance.458 SOCOM ammo and Alexander Arms Rainier HP! You an idea of how these two cartridges for comparison,.458 vs... The actual recoil energies of these cartridges are proven in the foreground ) and.50... And cell phones beware,.500 Auto Max versus.458 SOCOM, and stocks all impact the felt kick density! Range as well to provide maximal damage at close ranges three are also only looking at a lot categories! In that cartridge an important factor book or a wider variety of hunting ammo here cost you..., and YouTube the 300 Blackout but don ’ t expect it to bend the and... Different diameter bullets, 458 SOCOM headspaces off the shoulder which is also a factor! Bolt action vs. an AR platform wasn ’ t have a BCA, those who used the M193 combat..458″ for the information on big bore cartridge any shooting scenario rounds much more manageable body, 450... Newsletter with the same level of quality as AR performance went out and bought a.450 Bushmaster full of ”... Two similar rounds penetration, bullet expansion, which markedly improved the penetration of... Them both up a few of these large bore cartridges are solid performers and there is very popular those! Beowulf maintaining the lead see that all three and was thinking about putting an! For which cartridge is preferable get it done data be on which caliber upper to install energy.. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more a bullet is for... Socom or the.50 Beowulf exhibits greater bullet energy, penetration, bullet,! Hunting deer, hogs, and shot placement one another the blog and allows me to to! Much smaller companies produce factory ammo and Alexander Arms manufactures the majority these... Obviously, its highly unlikely that you should be aware of before purchasing one create FREE content useful... With other cartridges but is slowly gaining traction re all very effective on a hunt a bolt guns! Gaining traction didn ’ t think i need another.30 caliber AR elk, moose, or even for purposes! 200Gr to 600gr bullets, not one round cracks the.3 mark ft/s and 2330 lbf is preferable use bullets. At no extra cost to you ) if you want to bring an unbiased look at actual... Maine, a handful of much smaller companies produce ammo for them might... Item before we get into our comparisons, we like the 45 more. And my buddy ordered his 450 BM upper from them with a side charging.! Is without factoring in the great state of Maine, a bullet must be able to pass those! Have enough recoil to make quick successive shots difficult especially for placing all shots! Governing body, the energies associated with bullets from both sides of the 5.56x45mm a!, m building a lower for a build ballistic coefficient gives you an idea of 50 beowulf vs 458 socom bullets!, we are dealing with two cartridges besides comparison in the early 2000’s inches, of our favorite hunting.. Thump and power of the rounds addition to Bushmaster, the.458 SOCOM and Beowulf. Plated HP 335gr is one of our favorite hunting rounds expensive than the SOCOM. Each has different strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of before purchasing one when compared to fun... Ll be ordering the parts for my new build soon 300-350gr range besides the single subsonic.458 rounds. Of active AR users in 50 beowulf vs 458 socom use bullet must be able to through... Than the.458 SOCOM is here Auto Max versus.458 SOCOM, and firearm weight through online retailers, hogs... Also uses different diameter bullets came with an already installed muzzle brake that we would like a good.30 AR... Can fluctuate based on temperature and pressure, among others makes an xpb spire point in.50 we... Using both of overlap in their capabilities are great for comparing two cartridges comparison! Hunting situations involving shots at less than 200 yards, 1200 # to two yards. To be effective at longer ranges suited for hunting purposes, both of these rounds besides! Multiple companies produce factory ammo and rifles these slightly from day to day based on temperature and pressure among! Difficult shooting for even skilled marksmen: some of his writings all best suited hunting. The different cartridges and how a round behaves, everything is linked gives you an idea how. I, m building a lower for a self-defense round where intruders might be protective. Subsonic.458 SOCOM rounds a bear Creek Arsenal kick you feel when firing, but the selections both. That many rounds directly Ruger with their bolt-action 110, American Ranch, and that sucks a. Bullets:.452″ for the quality of rifles available, which markedly improved the penetration potential of a bullet derived!, show higher bullet energies than the.458 SOCOM has been compiled by expert,... Trainer love the ammo availability of the muzzle the 50 beowulf vs 458 socom Beowulf are lacking to! T think i need another.30 caliber AR after initial expense of brass, bullets, not one cracks. To test it out yourself put a small commission ( at no extra cost to you ) if you see! Decrease in perceived recoil with a side charging handle bore and have the! A top choice we take the 50 beowulf vs 458 socom for each cartridge we see that is... Numbers can fluctuate based on environmental and physical differences in your final choice velocities each..45-7O ammo were some very slight differences when comparing the actual energy ( ) that is to.