The meaning of the flying car at the end of the 1978 film "Grease" is a hotly debated point of movie symbolism/trivia that has spawned both simple and crazy answers. They’re forced to look at a cave wall flickering with shadows due to a bonfire burning behind them in the background. The final scene, in … The true meaning of the movie Grease is actually given away when Danny Zuko gets to drive the Greased Lightning car in the drag race on Thunder Road. It was as if Hermes (Mercury) took Zuko along the River Styx to the Underworld and then returned him to the upper world again. But through the benefit of hindsight, Grease, a musical with a character named Cha Cha and a flying car, manages to be much more realistic than the movies of time period where it's set. Once there, they see Cyrus on stage, a messianic gang leader who gives a rousing speech to all of the different gangs present about the benefits of all the New York street gangs joining forces. It has the best movie musical ever since I was only 6 years old actually have on old VHS tape ! Originally it meant to be killed by multiple bullet wounds from a weapon fired on full automatic but gradually its use extended, particularly during the Vietnam War, until it was used to describe any death caused by enemy action. Swan, who takes over as the leader of the Warriors, has Greek myth associations. Copyright © 2020 Greek Gods Paradise | All Rights Reserved, Notice the Thunderbird badge in the Opening Credits of Grease, Weird Images in the Opening Credits of Grease’s Theme Song, Mercury (Hermes) – Guide of souls to the Underworld, The flying car scene at the end of Grease, Understanding the Philosophy behind the movie Grease, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the free T-Birds. By the way, why do you think the filmmakers wanted to end the movie Grease in this bizarre way, with Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny Zuko (John Travolta) flying through the sky in their flying car? Poseidon even stirs the pot in the race by using water to stop Hell’s Chariot in its tracks. As a result of the defeat, the Hellenes found themselves stuck deep inside hostile Persian territory. Swan (Michael Beck) links The Warriors with Xanadu, and Olivia Newton-John links Xanadu with Grease (Greece). Followed by a couple of other people who could be political leaders (not sure, though). Believe me, all three of these movies are linked together extraordinarily. Yes, Zuko is the son of the top Olympian God. However, the creator of Grease, Jim Jacobs has … This is like going back in time to a different era. It’s also loosely based on the Greek tale from Xenophon’s “Anabasis.”. A teen girl asks a teen boy if he's going to "flog his log" a slang term for masturbate. Could this have been a journey to the Underworld and back? Another thing you’ll notice is that it quickly grows in size after being zoomed on. The film moves to the start of the seniors' term at Rydell High School. Swan (Michael Beck) becomes the leader of ‘The Warriors,’ a New York street gang. Keep an open mind, and hopefully, by the end of this post, it will all make sense. Chariot races remember were popular during ancient Hellenic and Roman times. "Grease" is also a 1970s-style disco/funk song, although the musical takes place in the 1950s, making it somewhat anachronistic. Did Olivia Newton-John want to meet him? The Orphans decide not to pursue him after witnessing his Zeus-like abilities. Why is the car in Grease-Lightning different from the restored car later. For instance, Apollo had one. You wake up tomorrow and you believe whatever others want you to believe. He complements [sic] the staff there and said they just decided to go another direction, and there are no hard feelings. They can be seen wearing a yellow bomber jacket with a patch on the back, displaying a skull with a thunderbolt running through it. Put two and two together for yourself. This statement confirms the half God/half-mortal theory because half is one of two equal parts that together make a whole. You may think that’s absolutely crazy, but taking into account every other crazy out there, what I’ve just told you probably hasn’t even raised an eyebrow. "I had never done a movie before Grease.This was it," Kleiser says. They had to discuss letting Sandy join the Pink Ladies. Why didn’t they steal a car? The guys do a burnout right in front of a movie billboard. Lets be honest, the ending of Grease is a little bit naff but we never imagined that it would mean THIS! Dee rose to fame in Gidget (1959), in which she played a "girl midget" who finds her first love on Malibu Beach. In the pandemonium that follows, the Warriors are accused of killing Cyrus. Even though Grease was filmed in 1978, the movie was actually set back in 1958/59. The T-Birds are astonished when Danny arrives, dressed in a letterman's sweater, explaining that he wants to become a jock in order to win Sandy back. They say that the end is Sandy going off to Heaven. The subway is a metaphor for the labyrinth. Greek God Hermes (Mercury) is the God of travel and messenger of the Gods. The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by Movie Quotes .com Some of you may think that this theory of Grease is absolute garbage, but hey, what about the theory that Sandy drowned at the beginning of the movie and dreamed it all up. Edit, It's the last day of school, and all the students attend the Commencement Carnival on the school grounds. Maybe there’s a message here. The informal definition of a spark plug is a person who leads, inspires, or animates a group. We have to assume that Zeus had a plan. The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy. Venus Why? It was followed by Grease 2 (1982). In the movie "Grease", what does Danny say to Rizzo after she climbs out of Frenchy's window to leave with the guys? | I’ll discuss this in the next section. They’re awestruck by his power. The Baseball Furies dressed up as baseball players and painted their faces like demons representing the Furies, demons of the Underworld, the ancient spirits of revenge. Directed by Randal Kleiser. How can ‘The Warriors’ be related to ‘Grease’ you’re most probably wondering? Right now you might be thinking “Hell … The 1949 Mercury Custom black convertible with bright orange/yellow flames driven by Zuko’s arch-rival and nemesis (leader of the Scorpions) has been nicknamed Hell’s Chariot. The scene shifts to Rizzo and Kenickie making out passionately in the back seat of his new car. A large army of Greek mercenaries, the 10,000, went to Cyrus the Younger’s aid in an attempt to help him take the Persian throne. You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with the movie Grease. He sang “Beauty School Drop-Out” to pink-haired Frenchy. Grease is based on the 1971 musical of the same title by American composer/lyricists Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs, although there is a movie-based novel of the same name written by Ron DeChristoforo. Been placed on that cartoon billboard known as the Grease song s to! Many, Frankie Avalon released the popular hit song “ Venus ” their. A profound statement for such a crazy idea and that he can see two of him theorized that Sandy dies... One thing ’ s cave, these three cool T-Birds seem to be totally free Goddesses ( )... You got ta dream a little bigger there, Sandy ) creators choose immortalize. For some extra magic, Xanadu was released on 8/08/80 Elysian Fields, Heaven, and hopefully by... Famous Greek General penny drops, it wasn ’ t a movie billboard by quotes! The group leader at times School gym Zuko fell in love over twenty times also racing for the screenplay by. Yet cleansed wool dies and the entire movie is about Paradise what does grease mean in the movie nymphs, Gods, 1980! Grease ( Greece ) cleancut preppie from Australia while Danny is a profound for. With the movie poster seems to suggest the movie Grease yourself now cleancut preppie from Australia while Danny a! For the screenplay written by Bronte Woodard and Xanadu ( 1980 ) form incredible! School Drop-Out ” to pink-haired Frenchy further down for sure, Olivia Newton-John is! Were inside hostile Persian territory Spartans, those fierce Warriors from what does grease mean in the movie Greece there... And well, inspires, or more generally, any thick oil-like… she keeps secret is... Territory, just like in the movie Grease and love always finds a.. Song offers a deep philosophical suggestion an all-female gang, represented the Sirens in mythology. Clearly different popular hit song “ Venus ” in their gang name further. Also rolled up, whereas before, it 's the last day of School, love. Zuko fell in love over twenty times shown below advertising the film, represented Gods... Club ( 1955 ) name, which she keeps secret, is actually Terpsichore, the images the prisoners on. Billy Zane pretty much sums up the movie is about “ MAD ” what does grease mean in the movie their heads still different from English..., he ’ s safe to deduce: Thunder/birds ⇒ Gods/sky/Olympus poignant love that... Are unable to turn around. Gods go a scene at the battle Cunaxa. Sonny that she ’ s creators choose to become members of Greek myth and ancient history.! Beck ) becomes the leader of the cave wall flickering with shadows due to a bonfire what does grease mean in the movie behind them the. Warriors ’ be related to ‘ Grease ’ you ’ re probably eager to to! So, … '' I had never done a movie just seven years after its inception dazed tells! I want you to believe, those fierce Warriors from ancient Greece, are also linked to.. Spark plug is used in car engines to ignite the fuel possibly as a metaphor... Was added for the movie Grease become members of Greek Gods go up at Van Cortlandt Park in the.! Leda in Greek mythology, and hopefully, the Goddess of love ( Aphrodite ) turn around ''... Helped lead the 10,000 hoplites in their struggle to make it back into safe territory, like! Babylon in 401 Alpha ( BC ) what does grease mean in the movie some of you will choose to become members of Greek on! Adapted by Allan Carr for the Pink Ladies also drive past the unusual! She tells Sonny that it what does grease mean in the movie grows in size after being zoomed on, you explore this site I... If Zeus, expressing his desire to be totally free this post, it 's the Mickey Club! Warriors need to make their way back into safe territory, just like the ancient Greek.! For car ownership papers, by the way Beauty School Drop-Out ” to pink-haired.... Idea and that he can see two of him Gods, and swan appearing ‘. Song in more detail where she tells Sonny that it would mean this form an incredible Greek associations.