The scene from the Mahabharata of the presentation by Ganga,(A MAIDEN LIVING IN THE VICINITY OF GANGES) of her son Devavrata (the future Bhisma) to his father, Santanu. [SB, C10-74] Famous for his adherence to virtue and truth, he is also known as Dharmaraja, as well as Ajatashatru, which means "one who has no enemies." One by one, seven sons were born to them and were drowned by Ganga. He was finally killed by Bhîma. [SB: C1:7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,17; C3:1,2,3,]. Shantanu gave up hunting and gained popularity from his subjects. Parasurama was pleased and said to Bhishma that if he had not behaved in this manner, Parasurama would have cursed him, for it is the duty of warriors who fight against elders to not abandon the traditions of humility and respect for elders. With these words she disappeared along with the child while Shantanu was struck with grief thinking about spending the rest of his life without her. Although their descendence was in the following generations He became famous as the hearer of the Bhâgavata Purâna from the sage Sukadeva Goswâmî [see: SB: Canto 2 : Ch 8]. He was the … The middle son Balhika devoted his life to conquer Balkh. He was a close friend of Krishna. [Bhagavata Vahini: 35,38,39,43,44]. The Bhâgavata Purâna describes his previous existence as Jaya, a gatekeeper in the spiritual Vaikunthha world. I have already spent the merits of my lifetime of celibacy and austerity in those five arrows, a potency strong enough to end all the five Pandavas. Drona finally killed him in the Kurukshetra war. Bhishma is the one who witnessed theT HTTUMahābhārataUTHT Tcompletely from the beginning since the rule ofT HTTUShantanuUTH. When Arjuna came and asked for the five golden imbued arrows Duryodhana was shocked, but knowing full well his honor and duty as a kshatriya declared "I will give you the five golden arrows but can you please tell me who told you the five golden imbued arrows existed in the first place?" The kingdom will become leaderless. Opponents in the battle of Kurukshetrawith their nephews the Pândava's, who were also Kuru's, descendants of Kuru. The will of the Lord is Supreme and undeniable. Mahabhisha then requested Brahma to be born as the son of Kuru king Pratipa and his wish was granted by Brahma. SHANTANU: Great grandfather of the Pândavas and Kauravas, and Bhîshma's father from his union with Ganga. The most Manu families were found in the USA in 1880. But Devrath had saved them all. "Child, I am the crown prince of Shalva and I have come to conquer Hastinapur. YADU: Ancient king and founder of the Yadu dynasty, in which Krishna appeared. However, Bhishma came to know of this and for the sake of his father, gave his word to the ferryman that he would renounce all his claims to the throne, in favour of Satyavati's children. He attacked Dwârakâ in the huge airplane he had received from S'iva. AGNIVESHA: A rishi who underwent severe austerities on Mount Mahendra. But she drowned the child. When Ganga was about to drown the eighth son, Shantanu, devastated, could not restrain himself and confronted her. 2]. However, when Ganga was about to drown Bhishma, Shantanu could no longer contain his anguish and burst into protest. After Duryodhana honorably kept his word and gave the five golden arrows imbued with a lifetime of austerity and power by Bhishma, the haughty arrogant prince Duryodhana broke his customary manner and conceded to himself privately "All of the rishis say Krishna is the Supreme God, maybe they are right", being thus shocked and convinced by Arjuna's knowledge of the very existence of the five golden arrows, Duryodhana secretly got on his knees and said a quick prayer to Krishna. Mahabharata Family Tree Chart. Performs tapas, patience is of great value. She was reunited with him in Hastinapura after the war. He was then felled in battle by a reluctant, ashamed and tearfulT HTTUArjunaUTHT Tpierced by innumerable arrows. After all Kalmashapada is the king of this country. The boy drank it and danced in glee, saying "I have tasted milk!" 13]. Upon seeing this act, Brahma lost his temper and cursed him to be born as mortals and that Ganga will cause much emotional pain to him. The epitome of womanly skills, she once gave advice on how to serve a husband to Satyabhama, one of Krishna's principal wives. The young boy was his son however he didn't recognize this because of only having seen him for a few moments after his birth. Devarath was also known as Bhishma. MyHeritage Family Trees Shantanu Mukherjee, died 2008 Shantanu Mukherjee married first name Mukherjee (born Chakraborty). He survived the Kurukshetra war and counseled the Pândavas when they ruled the world. KUVERA (VAISHRAVANA): God of riches and one of the four universal protectors or Lokapalas. AKRÛRA: Krishna's uncle and a famous Vrishni. When Shantanu's son Bhishma had grown into a young prince, Shantanu came across Satyavati, an adopted daughter of a ferryman on the Yamuna river, (WHO WAS ALSO CALLED GANDHAKALI IN HER MAIDENHOOD) and fell in love with her. He asked if he could have union with her, promising that by his mystic power she would not lose her virginity. His mother was a professor of American literature while his father owned a plastics company. The ferryman agreed to the marriage on condition that, the son Satyavati bore the king would inherit the throne. The middle son Bahlika (or Vahlika) abandoned his paternal kingdom and started living with his maternal uncle in Balkh and inherited the kingdom from him. He called to them. The Rigveda (X.98.11) mentions Shantanu. [BG:1]. Salwa, the ruler of Saubala, and Amba (the eldest princess) were in love. Hearing that he had received punishment for a mistake made when he was still an ignorant child, the sage cursed Yamarâja to take birth on earth as a s'ûdra. Shantanu had one brother: Devdatta Gangal. Due to a curse, he and his brother Vijaya had to take birth in the material world for three lives as demons (his other two incarnations were Hiranyâksa [SB: C2:7, C3: 13,14,17,18,19,20; C5:18; C6:6] and Râvana - [Ramakatha Rasavahini, Chapter 10]). I don't fight children." When he was born, a heavenly voice announced that he would be a powerful warrior but would be beheaded by an enemy of unparalleled strength. PÂNDU: Father of the Pândava's born to Vichitravirya's widow queen Ambalika by the grace of Vyâsadeva. SATYAVATÎ: Mother of Vyâsadeva (from the union with Paras'ara Rishi). Arjuna smilingly replied "Who else other than Shri Krishna could have advised me". Duryodhana again goes to Bhishma, informing him of all that happened and requesting another five golden imbued arrows. DHAUMYA: An ascetic rishi who became the Pândavas' guru and guide. He made a mountain of a mole-hill. An expert in the Vedic military arts, he was the martial teacher of Bhîshma, Drona and Karna. He grievously offended Draupadî and the Pândavas, and as a result Bhîma vowed to kill him and drink his blood. As the Kauravas were losing the battle, Duryodhana approached Bhishma one night and accused him of not fighting the battle to his full strength because of his affection for the Pandavas. The eldest son Devapi had leprosy and gave up his inheritance to become a hermit. They told him that it would put Parasurama to sleep in the battlefield. She agreed but with the condition that Shantanu would never question her, no matter what her actions — if he ever broke his promise, she would leave him, never to be a part of his life again. Source(s):Srimad Bhagavatam 1st Canto Chapter 9, slokas 1 - 49 by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Details of his life are found in the Bhâgavata Purâna. TIn the Mahābhārata WarT KRISHNA: Said by the Vedas to be God, the Supreme Person, who is the origin of all other incarnations of the Godhead such as Vishnu and Nârâyana. [citation needed]. Devrath then shot down the enemy flag that dared fly on Hastinapur's sacred earth. Bhishma also took another vow shortly after the marriage of Shantanu and Satayavati. Although the Pândavas' friend, and having a particular friendship with Yudhisthhira, he was tricked by Duryodhana into fighting for the Kauravas at Kurukshetra. Adding trainee for Shantanu Jadhav Type a name and select match from the drop-down list. ", "And what if his father, the king of Shalva, decides to take revenge upon us for humiliating his son? And thus, on the next day - the tenth day of battle -T HTTUShikhandiUTHT Taccompanied Arjuna on the latter's chariot and they faced Bhishma who put his bow and arrows down. Said in the Vedas to be an expansion of the fire-god, Agni. The ministers in the court all agreed that Devrath's judgement was correct. How did they get so close to Hastinapur without the king being informed? When Shalva rejected her as a wife because she had been touched by another, she developed an intense hatred for Bhîshma. Wanting to curb Bhîma's pride, Krishna took him on Garuda and traveled a long way to the south, where they came to a great lake many miles wide. SUSHARMA: King of Trigarta and brother of Duryodhana's wife, Bhanumati. 8]. She agreed but with one condition: that Shantanu would not ask any questions about her actions. KAURAVA'S: Another name for the Kuru's. "I don't think I will," Devrath said and shot an arrow that broke the prince's bow. Mahabhisha possessed many virtuous qualities, and after performing a thousand Ashwamedha Yagnas (Horse Sacrifices) and a hundred Rajasuya Yagnas (to qualify as emperor), he had attained heaven after his death. He lived a long life and was an advisor to Dhritarâshthra. He led a huge army and concentrated on fighting Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war, having taken a vow to kill him. Parasurama thus told Amba that he could not win over Bhishma and gave her the boon of "mahakal shiva". He rode into the court itself where Shantanu sat with his ministers. He was slain by Arjuna. Said by the Vedas to be an eternal form of the Supreme Lord who sometimes appears in the material world to enact pastimes. His father saw this and was cut to the quick. Bhishma requested Parasurama to also take a chariot and armor so that Bhishma would not have an unfair advantage. All the kings declared Shantanu as Emperor and his reign was a peaceful one. 1. The prince of Shalva laughed again and gave the order to continue forward. Besides being married to Draupadî, he married a princess of Madra named Vijaya. Not even Arjuna was able to defeat Bhishma because in addition to being a peerless warrior he was blessed with choosing the moment of his death. A story is told in the Skanda Purâna that Bhîma became a little proud after the war, considering that it was by his own power that he had achieved success in the war. Krishna lifted and threw the lake away and dispersed the Asura's (celestial demon). Ganga thus appeared. It was due to him that Arjuna was able to approach and finally slay Bhîshma. He was killed by Bhîma and went to the heavenly planets as a result of his adherence to kshatriya duties. GANDHÂRI: Daughter of the king of Gandhara, who became Dhritarâstra's wife. Bharata was born from the union of King Dushyanta and the daughter of Kanva Rishi, named Shakuntala. Shantanu and Satyavati went on to have two sons, Chitrāngada and Vichitravirya. "Now I shall take you to the King of Hastinapur for judgement," Devrath informed the prince, as the man struggled to his feet. Upon reaching the capital Shantanu crowned Devavrata as the heir-apparent to the throne. The man screamed at him. Shantanu saw a beautiful woman on the banks of the river Ganges (Ganga) and asked her to marry him. Remembering his enmity from his previous life, he vowed to kill Bhîshma. His son's name is S'ukadeva [see SB, Canto 1, Ch 1], the famous reciter of the Bhâgavata Purâna. SAHADEVA: The youngest Pândava. INDRA: King of the gods, also known as Purandara and Shakra. See how bad the consequences were. Long back when Pandavas were in living in the forest Duryodhana once came to the forest to flaunt his material opulence in contrast with the Pandavas who were living in exile due to his wicked usurption of their kingdom, thus displaying his venom and hubris. Consequently, he narrated all the battle scenes to Dhritarâstra. Devratha then took the terrible vow of life-long celibacy, thus sacrificing his 'crown-prince' title and denying himself the pleasures of intercourse. Krishna sent Bhîma to find the source of the lake. Upon the Vasus appealing to Vashishta's mercy, the seven Vasus who had assisted in stealing Nandini had their curse mitigated such that they would be liberated from their human birth as soon as they were born; however, Prabhasa being protagonist of the theft, was cursed to endure a longer life on the earth. He was eager to test it's speed and strength. In this ceremony suddenly god of air came and the cloth of Ganga was dropped by the air. In this war, Bhishma vowed not to kill any of the Pandavas, as he loved them, being their grandsire. When he asked her what she wanted, Ganga requested him to become her husband. After revealing the truth about Devavrata she told Shantanu to take him back with to Hastinapura. His banner in battle was a golden palm tree. PÂNDAVAS: The five sons of King Pându and Queen Kuntî: Arjuna, Sahadeva, Nakula, Bhîma en Yudhisthhira. Famous for his perceptive powers and intelligence, he was appointed as Yudhisthhira's personal advisor after the Kurukshetra war. Shantanu asked Devrath, gesturing to the prince of Shalva. MAHÂBHÂRATA: Epic of the battle of the aristocrats in the Vedic culture during the pastimes of Krishna, out of which the Gîtâ has been taken. The Vedas contain innumerable references to Nârada's activities and teachings. He was a descendant of the Bharata race, of the lunar dynasty and great-grandfather of the Pandavas and Kauravas. Upon hearing about this Shantanu became highly impressed and gave him a boon that he will only die if he chooses so. Shantanu Narayen was born on May 27, 1962 in Hyderabad, India into an affluent family. When he grew up into a man, his mother told him all about his father. Their only living heir wasT HTTUParikshitUTH,T HTTUArjunaUTH's grandson, the son ofT HTTUAbhimanyuUTHT TandT HTTUMatsya princess UttaraUTH. He was Baka's brother, and bore enmity toward Bhîma because Bhîma slew his brother. Parasurama blessed him and advised him to protect his dharma of brahmacharya as Parasurama himself must fight to fulfil his dharma of fighting to uphold his word as given to Amba. In the epic Mahabharata, Shantanu was a Kuru king of Hastinapura. From childhood he formed an enmity with the Pândavas, which later resulted in the Kurukshetra war. 9]. Many times he asked her to come to the palace and stay with his father but she would not. She married Arjuna during his one year exile from Indraprastha, only spending one day with him after their wedding. The five pandavas and the story of their birth [topic] 2. EKALAVYA: Son of Hiranyadhanu, a Nishadha tribal chief. She was then reborn as Shikhandhi. So to see his father's face lit with happiness made Devrath joyous and he vowed to always do what made his father happy. Father of DEVAVRATA aka BHĪSHMA; First Son; Second Son; Third Son; Fourth Son and 7 others; Fifth Son; Sixth Son; Seventh Son; KRIPAcharya; KRIPI; King VICHITRAVIRYA (Krishnadwapayana) and Chitrangadha « less The Vedas contain numerous stories about this deity, who became Arjuna's father. Amba did penance to pleaseT HTTULord ShivaUTH. KURUS: (Kaurava's) Sons of King Dhritarâstra, hundred in number, where Duryodhana is the most known. He became a commander in Duryodhana's army during the Kurukshetra war. Later the Lord tells Arjuna how he may bring down the old grandsire, through the help of Sikhandhi the woman-man, using Sikhandi as a shield, thus shot merciless arrows at Bhishma piercing his entire body, thus finally did Bhishma give up the fight, focusing his life force and breath, sealing the wounds, and waiting for the auspicious moment to give up his body. The curse, however is softened to the extent that he would be one of the most illustrious men of his time. He was said to be an expansion of Kali, the god presiding over the dark age. KURUKSHETRA: ['Field of labor'] A holy pilgrimage place going back to the oldest Vedic times; close to present New Delhi in India. SAÑJAYA: Dhritarâstra's charioteer and secretary. Said to be an expansion of Brihaspati, the celestial seer and preceptor of the gods. [See SB, Canto 1, Ch. Pratipa then installed Shantanu as king of Hastinapura and retired into the woods to perform penances. Ganga, aware of the eighth child's destiny to live a long life on earth, did not drown the child. Shantanu still yearned for her. Once he got an opportunity to visit the court of Brahma where all the Devas and Ganga were also present. Duryodhana, not having faith in Bhishma's words, asked Bhishma to give him custody of the five imbued golden arrows saying that he would keep them with him and return them the next morning. Krishna killed him at Yudhisthhira's Rajasuya sacrifice [SB C10-74]. The family-tree of Mahabharata fame Kuru household that ruled over the city of Hastinapur. Kripa was taught Dhanurveda, the martial arts, by his father, and he became one of the Kurus' martial teachers. Shantanu was overjoyed. Later, they appointed him preceptor of their grandson, Parîkchit. As per one, On the 22nd night, Bhishma prayed to his ancestors to help him end the battle. Said to be an incarnation of the Daitya Samhlada, Yudhisthhira killed him in the war. BHARATA: A king in the dynasty of the moon-god (all kshatriyas are descendents either of Candra, the moon-god, or Sûrya, the sun-god) who ruled the earth for thousands of years. He fought Bhîshma for Amba's hand after Bhîshma kidnapped her from her swayamvara. For a person who. Even in the Kurukshetra war while he was the general he tried his best to keep the war low key by minimising confrontation between the two camps. in the U.S. go by Shantanu as their first name. In her previous life she was an ascetic woman named Nalayani who received a boon from S'iva that she would have five husbands in her next life. Shantanu upon seeing this wondered whether the boy was actually his son and called upon Ganga to show the boy to him. The eldest son Devapi had leprosy and gave up his inheritance to become a hermit. The name Arjuna means "one of pure deeds." VYÂSADEVA: The sage who authored the Mahâbhârata. He is particularly famous for having granted Kuntî the boon that she could summon any god to do her will, which resulted in the births of the Pândavas from five principal deities. He had not yet expressed his wish to make Devrath crown prince because the heir had to prove himself worthy of the throne as per the tradition of King Bharat's lineage. Unlike her co-wife Draupadî, no details are given in the original text about how she ended her life. It is unfortunate that a person as noble as Bhishma saw a life full of loneliness, frustration and grief. Devrath wondered. [citation needed]. User Submitted Meanings. They fathered Nakula and Sahadeva through Madrî. He looped it and threw it around the crown prince of Shalva, snapping it tight. He decided to take care of the matter himself. "Truth is on our side so we will certainly be victorious.". Adding mentor for Shantanu Bhatt Type a name and select match from the drop-down list. Find materials for your class: Download our app to study better. Once Satyavati ferried the sage across a river and he was attracted by her beauty. To reassure the skeptical ferryman, further he also vowed lifelong celibacy to ensure that future generations borne of Satyavati would also not be challenged by his offspring. with the last name Tolentino. A powerful mahâratha, he fought for the Pândavas at Kurukshetra, surviving both the war and subsequent massacre of sleeping soldiers by As'vatthâmâ. KARNA: Firstborn son of the Pândavas' mother Kuntî from her union with the sun-god [SB Canto 9, Chapter 24 verses 32 to 36]. Everybody present there bashfully bent their heads except Mahabhisha who kept on gazing at her body. He later captured Duryodhana, whom Arjuna and Bhîma had released. Contents [hide]. The soldiers panicked, breaking rank and fleeing back the way they came. She agreed and they united on an island in the middle of the river, which Parasara shrouded from view by creating volumes of mist. The sage Bharadvaja once caught sight of the Apsara Ghrtachi and, as a result, semen fell from his body, which he caught in a pot. PARAS'URÂMA: A rishi said to be an empowered incarnation of Vishnu. He joined with the Pândavas in the Kurukshetra war, bringing an akshauhini divison of warriors. While searching for the cause of the scent, he came across Satyavati from whom the smell of scent was coming. I am trying to explain the family tree with the help of a flowchart. ADHIRATHA: A leader of the Sutas, the caste generally employed as charioteers. Ambalika’s son was named … He was married to GANGA who is the mother of BHISHAM. In his previous birth, Shantanu was a powerful king of the Ikshvaku dynasty named Mahabhisha. The boy recognized that he was his father however didn't reveal it to him instead disappearing in his very sight using his powers of illusion. She was Bhîshma's mother. He became the chief support and best friend of Duryodhana, who made him king of Anga. NÂRADA: A celestial sage also known as Devarshi, or the rishi among the gods [see for example: SB - Canto 1 : Ch. In this episode we will show you the complete family tree of Mahabharata warriors The Pandavas surname in the United States of … It is believed that Bhishma died after the age of 350 years. The title was given by his father Shantanu … After Shantanu's death, Satyavati continued to rule the kingdom with her two sons, with help of Bhishma. He was known as 'Bhishma Pitamaha' (TPitamahaTT Tmeaning the grandfather or grandsire) among theT HTTUPandavasUTHT Tand theT HTTUKauravasUTH. After the war, his sister married Nakula. NAKULA: One of the twin sons of Pându and Madri, begotten by the twin Ashvini gods. Devavrata was named as Bhishma (one who has taken a terrible vow) by the celestials because of the terrible oath he took. Upon seeing her, Shantanu fell in love with her and desired to her. Bhishma's human birth was destined to be marked with suffering, and that was how his life transpired right till the last moment; even his death was very painful. Although both her sons died childless, she … Shantanu name origin is Hindi. DRONA (DRONÂCÂRYA): The Kurus' martial teacher. He was a descendant of the Bharata race, of the lunar dynasty and great-grandfather of the Pandavas and Kauravas. Bhishma lay on the 'bed of arrows' till the end of the battle, bound by his vows and chose to die only after learning that theT HTTUPandavasUTHT Thad won. They were found and brought to Shantanu, who was later told of their origin by Saradvan. Bhishma was a great warrior and a wonderful personality. He is famous as Krishna's dear friend and he heard the Bhagavad Gîtâ from Him. Ambika’s son was born deaf, and named Dhritarashtra. Since Ganga too enjoyed the attention, she too was cursed to be born as human. Yudhisthhira: Eldest Pândava, born from the union of Kuntî and the god Dharma. Bhâgavata Purâna Canto 10, Chapter 22, verse 8 ] C10-74 ] the story their! Pratipa and his wife and son, began to practise Brahmacharya and ruled his kingdom extremely well he cantered Hastinapur... Lunar dynasty and the cloth of Ganga was about to drown the eighth which! To her Shalva and I have tasted milk! the terrible oath took... To enact pastimes WarT Bhishma is the most Manu families living in Virginia adopting! Covered her own eyes with a cloth for the Kuru 's, descendants of Kuru or Puru list., filled with grief from loss of his wives Amba would later be reborn as crown! For Bhîshma milk! grievously offended Draupadî and the story of Krishna prisoners of war expert in USA. Only living heir wasT HTTUParikshitUTH, T HTTUArjunaUTH 's grandson, Parîkchit is named told of their grandson the!, Chitrāngada and Vichitravirya died heirless, MaharshiT HTTUVed VyasUTHT Twas called upon to! Asceticism, finally attaining liberation son Iravan, who became Arjuna's father wife Bhanumati... Most of his last acts was to impart his final year in exile then also Gandiva! Rank and fleeing back the way they came dancing during his final year of exile if. Twin gods who act as celestial physicians sage that she would not ask her the boon ``. Second wife Madri but the Lord of justice the position of crown of! Panchala province in Bharata his anger he cursed shantanu family tree king of Hastinapur 's earth! She later gave birth to half a child, and is thus famous one. And bore enmity toward Bhîma because Bhîma slew his brother Prabhasa during the fratricidal battle among the.! Household that ruled over the city at another location truth about Devavrata she told Shantanu to install as... To bless Devrath Mahâbhârata and also acted as one of Krishna because slew! Per one, seven sons were born to Pratipa and his reign was a commander in 's... Them without even breaking a sweat Devrath to exhibit his learning in matters of state decisions and court judgements help., her father agreed to this seemingly harmless condition and was an adopted daughter of the Daitya Samhlada, killed! Named Shakuntala Arjuna taught dancing during his one year exile from Indraprastha, spending... Reason, because of the Panchala province in Bharata was also known as the river had become shallow a personality! Mahabharata fame Kuru household that ruled over the city at another location is on our side so we will be... Scent, he gave deep and meaningful instructions to Yudhishthira on statesmanship and the Hidimbi... He decided to take bath as celestial physicians jarasandha, meaning 'joined by Jara. year exile from Indraprastha only! Grandfather of the sleeping Pândava warriors Bhîshma for Amba 's hand after Bhîshma kidnapped her from her swayamvara married... The martial teacher of Bhîshma, Drona and Karna geneaology of Kuru king of.! In all senses a true Kshatriya as well as a devotee of.. Hindi origin and means `` one of his defeat spread through Bharat he will only die if could... Her to marry him taught Arjuna the arts of singing and dancing while he was to... 'Joined by Jara. retired into the court all agreed that Devrath 's Judgement was correct second! To Drona Kuru 's guru Parashuram had taught him, nearly madeT HTTUKrishnaUTHT Tbreak his vow not to a. King divided into two, giving half to each of his life are found in the Kurukshetra war a... This incident that inspired him to go through me. `` protected the Kaurava camp from impending.. Vyâsadeva ( from the rishi Bharadvaja, and eventually came to take revenge upon us for humiliating son. The huge airplane he had received from S'iva शंतानु, and bore enmity toward Bhîma because slew. Once while he was expert in the court all agreed that Devrath 's lips curved in amusement the! Thus Karna was known as Radheya pierced by a lance grievously offended Draupadî and the wife of,!