The installation video was very helpful. However, their customer service hasn't been pleasant to deal with. Crandall had the parts, price was right, shipped quickly, and took time with us over the phone to explain how to put it all together. You know what you are getting with them. Order was promptly and accurately fulfilled, and staff were very helpful. I received in 2 DAYS! Ordering my refurbished Leap v2 chair was a breeze. A great deal at half the price. We needed a small part for an Equa office chair. I think paying slightly more for the Crandall experience will be worth it for you. I can see this chair lasting a few decades with normal use and occasional re-upholstering.Highly recommended. Pellicle 8Z® provides 8 zones of varying tension for sophisticated support, Made in Michigan at a 100% green-energy facility, Fully adjustable arms (height, depth and angle), For questions about lead times, in-stock options or delivery please give us a call at 888.798.0202, Critical or inappropriate comments about other reviews and shoppers, Advertising, spam, or references to other websites and retailers, Personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or physical addresses. I ordered the chair with the Vintage English vinyl. Crandall Office Furniture is family-owned company that provides truly outstanding customer service. However, I consider this a minor complaint. I now have to arrange to have it picked up by UPS--also something that I had to email Crandall to find out. Can’t say enough great things about my experience with Crandall Furniture. The chair feels like it is brand new, and I'm happy to have gotten a great deal. Fast delivery, as promised, and chair is clean and in nearly brand new condition. You cannot beat the comfort and adjustability of a Steel Case Leap V2. Its exactly what I was looking for: a like new ergonomic office chair for my work from home setup. Minimal assembly by my husband. The chair arrived within a week or so via UPS. Everything works well. Overall, my experience was very positive and I would highly recommend both the Steelcase Leap V2 and Crandall Office Furniture. Chair is very comfortable and clean. I purchased the heavy duty gas cylinder and 75mm hard surface wheels. My chair shipped to me with an incorrect lever installed at the base. In fact, I'm about to place my order for a SECOND Leap v. 2 from Crandall, this time with a stool extension cylinder and foot ring for a taller desk. A pre-purchase conversation helped me select the right chair. Unfortunately I could never quite get comfortable in it (downside of needing to purchase without visiting a showroom due to COVID) but the return process was easy and free. Very happy with my purchase. I am recommending this to all of my friends and colleagues! I can easily recommend them. Would happily do business with them again. I purchased a desk / chair combo. favorite this post Dec 20 Aeron Chair - Size B (Medium) Fully … Incredible work done by incredible people. All in all I am happy with my purchase.Crandall is not the only seller of remanufactured chairs. Would recommend to anyone considering steelcase chairs. It's not like you're installing an automotive wheel bearing race. Great chairs! Ordered parts for my Steelcase chair - shipped super fast and worked perfectly. Due to COVID-19, I found myself working from home every day and my $150 big box chair was not providing the support I needed. Aeron Size A vs. B vs. C, what’s the difference? I have been saying this for YEARS. When I reported this, they suggested what the likely issue was (needed to adjust a set screw in the chair) along with a how-to video. How to Replace Aeron Lumber Support Pad. Create quick and easy barriers with our free standing or clamp on plexiglass brackets. Just honest workmanship and great customer service. No snags, just high quality service from start to finish. Chair was practically brand new, and came relatively quickly. A+ experience, got a V2 Leap Chair. I read about this company online and people seemed to be happy with the service, so i took a chance as I didn't want to spend a lot of money to replace my old office chair that just wasn't comfortable. The savings and environmental impact of going remanufactured, along with fast service and quality work, made Crandall a great option. This is a great chair with an even better than new extra padded seat. They delivered ahead of their promised date- pretty impressive considering they were diverting company resources to make masks for the Covid-19 crisis. Wow. It showed up quick with great instructions and the packaging was good. Reassembly was quick and easy, thanks to the YouTube video. Then I came across Crandall Office Furniture. Got a Leap2 and it looks brand new. Top notch all around, will definitely purchase again as my company grows. I particularly recommend purchasing from Crandall Office Furniture. Ordered a Leap V2 from Crandall. Looks and feels in great condition. Bought a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron from Crandall. Why do companies never include QR codes and videos now days? David Crandall is a great help when purchasing the chair. (Just ask Reddit if you doubt me! Reddit doesn’t play. 104cm the size A is roughly 10 cm smaller than size C. Also the width of the seat differs in 7cm. Thanks for all the help! If I could do anything differently, I wish that they offered a dark blue fabric choice, but black is great and works just fine. Product is excellent. The upgraded wheels I selected make moving the chair around easy and smooth. Thank you! I had a great experience purchasing a Steelcase Leap V2 from Crandall Office. That’s a bonus. I purchased a Steelcase Leap V2. I sat in this same chair for 13 years at a major company and it is very sturdy for us bigger guys. I've always admired the classic Aeron and was glad to buy at significant savings over new retail. Everything works as it should. Spoke with Dave as I had a question about the status of the order but the turnaround time is absolutely insane -- purchased on a Saturday, shipped that following Wednesday and received on the East Coast that Friday morning. I stumbled on Crandall reading a testimonial from a satisfied customer. So a second order was placed, which shipped out much faster. Very satisfied with the purchase!! I was very pleased with the email response to and really fast shipping of a new gas cylinder for my Steelcase office chair. Both are high quality and perfect fit for my home office. My only complaint with the Crandall Office chair is they do not offer the leather material (they may be vegans though so I cannot pass judgement) on the seating. The chair exceeded my expectations in comfort and looks. The chair I ordered looked and performed like new. If I sit back fully and upright in the C … I ordered a remanufactured Steelcase Leap V1 Highback chair from them and it arrived quickly and was in outstanding condition. Really great service! The Aeron Chair combines a deep knowledge of human-centered design with cutting-edge technology. Super responsive; took care of my custom request, and when my order arrived it was extremely well-packaged and just as they promised it would be. (image credit Herman Miller), Width between Arms: Thanks! There's no mystery about where your chair is coming from. Ordered a remanufactured Leap V2 a week ago, and it arrived today. Good price on the part I needed and good customer service. They even filmed a video and sent it to me to show me how to correct one of these minor issues. I highly recommend Crandall. I found 3 that looked good, until I checked them out. I searched online and aside from some sketchy postings on Craigslist and a few websites lacking any real detail, didn't have much luck until I found Crandall.I was attracted by the detailed website, the fact that I could get a top of the line chair for 40% of what a new one costs and the positive reviews I found both on here and reddit.I placed my order on 12/8 and it was here with free shipping on 12/14. I spent weeks looking for a trust worthy Steelcase chair rebuilder. Friendly and a good product. Would definitely recommend! I would absolutely order anything including a new chair for this company because they were really helpful. Recommended! The website was easy to use and the checkout process made me feel confident that Crandall was not some fly-by-night company. Refurbished chairs for half the price!The company was extremely responsive (I was able to get all of my questions answered via Chat), shipping was fast (ordered March 30, it was here April 9), and the chair looks brand new.I unpacked it in my living room and carried the pieces downstairs to my basement office. Herman Miller is a great chair but you have to be willing to spend another $300 - $500 too. If you want to save money that does not sacrifice the quality of Steelcase, do not hesitate to purchase from Crandall Office Furniture. Good customer service, USA company, great product! I highly recommend Crandall. Recommended the the Steelcase Leap v1 based on my needs for a chair while WFH during the COVID lockdown. Instructions (written & videos) were clear, went together quickly. The chair arrived within 7 days exact chair I ordered, no issues. I highly recommend Crandall and the Leap chair. It arrived in 2 weeks and setup took a mere 10 min. The chair arrived quickly, in functioning condition with clear assembly instructions. Installation was easy and the chair is of impeccable quality. What worked very nicely for me was a 1/2" drive 11/16" deep well socket and a rubber mallet. Was a little leery of purchasing a "re-manufactured" but my wife went ahead and purchased one for her office. Absolutely fabulous. Honest people that take pride in their product and service. Although, Crandall indicates that they increased the seat cushion thickness I found that my "backside" did not fare well after as little over an hour. Ordered a Steelcase 453 Criterion gas cylinder. Thank you so much!! If your chair does not have any dots, or you can’t find them, feel free to reach out to one of our chair experts for help. The knowledgeable person gave some valuable feedback and I followed their advice. The customer service was responsive and courteous, and sent out the replacement armrest promptly. THE BIG PLUS is that they offer 12 year warranty with the Leap V2 chairs (no other competitor does this). I researched both a ton and almost got a Herman, but my buddy has a Steelseries Leap and so does the rest of his family. The Leap V2 chair I got was, quite literally, like new. I emailed Dave on Friday asking him to confirm the appointment as we live 90 minutes from the business's location and received no response. I was about to order a brand new Steelcase chair from the company when I stumbled across Crandall Office Furniture. I bought some padded covers from Amazon to see if that helps. I also suggested an improvement to the instruction sheet, and Kim was very responsive to the suggestion. The seating looks great and David was a pleasure to work with. Seat back and bottom cushion were perfect, and the hardware was reconditioned so well it’s hard to believe it was pre-owned. They can't be beat when it comes to value for the money. I picked the color I wanted. They are located right in my own state of Michigan and do an amazing job re-manufacturing these chairs! I've had a ton of great new chairs from Humanscale, Miller, and others, but nothing beats this remanufactured Leap v.2 from Crandall, and I still can't imagine how he got it here so fast. Fast processing/shipping and the chair was very easy to put together. Excellent chair at an affordable price! I've told a half a dozen friends already about my experience and I expect that they will be as pleased as I have been! I wasn't fully comfortable the first few days but after some time and adjustments, I can't go back to a standard office chair. Her chair. This chart applies to New Aeron chairs with the extended-height-range pneumatic height-adjustment cylinder. Most excellent customer service !! Great customer service. The new part was easily installed, and the chair is fantastic and like brand new for less than half of retail. Unsure how long it will be before the screws become loose and no longer functional to keep the pads in place. All of this was still hundreds of dollars less than ordering a new one direct from Steelcase - plus, knowing I was able to re-use a chair that could've ended up in a landfill is really nice. The owner, David, answered my questions quickly online and the chair shipped out within a couple days. It's great doing business with you! My chair looks new. My chair arrived on time and in like-new condition. That is exactly what I found at Crandall Office Furniture. The fabric is fresh, and you can't tell the cushion was ever used before. We went over the items I was looking for and I ordered the chair I am currently sitting in. My chair has been great. Even though they were busy helping local hospitals during the COVID crisis, responses have been very fast and I received the chair earlier than expected. It arrived in 8 business days. Communication was excellent with prompt responses and attention to detail. Thank you for being great! Word to the wise: Before you put your seat on, raise the chair up with the lever and then GENTLY sit down on the chair. After purchasing a Steelcase Leap V. 2 chair from another company I came across several reviews of the Crandall Office Furniture. Thanks Crandall! When I retired, I really missed the comfort. I ordered a chair from Crandall Office Furniture after a suggestion from a colleague. After talking with him, I decided it would be best to go with Leap V2. Highly recommend. I kind of expected that the company would have some type of air compressor or another cleaning method to get rid of dust during the remanufacturing process. ), and answers were detailed, thorough, and accurate. My wife and I have started eworkering full time and wanted a quality chair like we had in the office but those are quite expensive. When the chair arrived, I was impressed with the careful packing. Additionally, given the circumstances with COVID-19, I would say my shipping time was very reasonable. These replacement seat frames for the Aeron Chair are OEM and come in the Herman Miller … Image Credit/Copyright Herman Miller. I'm very happy with the experience. I looked at some of the other websites that sold used or remanufactured ones, and was hesitant to try them after reading the reviews. 12 year warranty is amazing on a refurb chair but Steelcase does make a good product. ), Aeron for Gaming is where high performance and ergonomics meet iconic design. I could barely find any scuffs or scratches on the chair at all. Assembly was very easy, just following the instructions. But they seemed to have the most comprehensive processor for remanufacturing chairs, along with excellent reviews. Highly recommend purchasing via Crandall! Even if I could buy a brand new one for the same price, I’d still choose to buy my chair from here because it would be better for the environment. Recycled MaterialYour purchase includes One Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Size C, graphite color. To date, I am extremely satisfied and appreciative of my service via Crandall. Parts shipped quickly, the price was fair, and everything worked just as I expected. If you are looking for parts to maintain your current Aeron chair, we’ve got the following parts available for purchase: Aeron Size/Fit Reference Chart It took about 30 minutes to assemble. So my chair when received admittedly didn't work correctly - it wouldn't go up and down. Overall, I recommend making a purchase at this site if you're in the market for a chair.There are some other sketchy sites out there so beware. Original Eames colors are out of the archives and better than ever in fiberglass, Balanced ergonomics and iconic, time-tested comfort, Impeccable handcraft meets renowned comfort, For wining, dining, and after-dinner conversation, The new Pillar Bed is as subtle as it is iconic, Warm light and an airy demeanor for effortless elegance, Practical design, functional art, seriously whimsical, Your cart will reflect the shipping options available for your order. I only post reviews when I am really impressed and for customer service (after encountering a problem), price, and quality of product, I heartily recommend that you give Crandall a shot. Very prompt and shipping was included.Great service! A great experience! I strongly recommend the additional 1/2" padding! Great company! Purchased a replacement cylinder for an office chair. When I started looking at prices I just couldn't spend that much, then I came across Crandall. Ordered a Steelcase Leap v1 that was on sale and I was a bit skeptical of what would show up, but I was blown away when it arrived. I am recommending to several work at home friends. Excellent customer service! I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. Never been to the location but their support and online process is top notch. So for less than the price of a brand new chair with the same features, we have 2. She didn't want to spend that much on a chair when I was ordering mine and had aksed if she wanted one. I ordered a remanufactured Steelcase Leap V2 from this company and received the chair about a week prior to posting this. It's all good.I purchases a refurbished Leap v2 with all the extra options that Crandall offered and I must say that it exceeded my expectations; from packaging, instructions to how it looks - line new! I would never be able to afford such a nice chair brand new, but this one, for me, is indistinguishable from brand new. She absolutely loves this chair!!! Then I found Crandall Office Furniture, and found their refurbished chairs. Within seconds of initiating a Chat session, David Crandall quickly and efficiently handled my questions and suggested I send a photo to help him identify the right part. I had an EXTREMELY positive experience with Crandall furniture. Great chair and outstanding service. This was my first time purchasing a high-end office chair, and thoroughly enjoyed both the product (refurbished but just like new) and the customer service. I got a chair that's as good as new for a price much less than a new one would cost. Thanks guys! I had my chair in less than two weeks. I did a lot of research on the Steelcase and Herman Miller chairs and found that Steelcase won out for the best and most comfortable ergonomic office chair. Chair came in great shape. The arms, seat placement, tension to lean back, lumbar support firmness, and lumbar support position. Great customer service and great workmanship on refurbished chairs. The unit was in great condition. 1 dot = A Size Aeron Have purchased both a chair and desk from Crandall's. Thanks to Crandall's quick response to my problem, I was able to use my chair within a day after receiving the replacement cylinder. Kim was also a great person to work with. Thank you for your pre-sales support and excellent product at a very fair price. The Aeron Chair was first released in 1994, and is still being made (in it’s second generation), 25 year later! What's not to like. I would recommend this company to anyone without hesitation. Dealing with most companies and the entire experience is usually such a hassle.Highly highly recommend anyone to support this company, I would like to see them expand into even more products in the future.You also get a great chair for much less!The founder of this company should be proud and I hope to see more brands become more like this in the future. This company does any amazing job refurbishing this char and I'm so happy to have bought it from them! The directions were pretty clear and they even provided a youtube video with step by step instructions to assist. I was very happy to find a refurbished version at Crandall that looks and feels just like a new chair. If I am ever in need of another high end office chair, I’ll be shopping here again! I ordered a refurbished Steelcase Amia chair at about half the price of buying it new. Feels great! I did not purchase any upgrades. I just purchased a Steelcase Leap V1 and I couldn't be happier! Generally, size B is suitable for most people. The red looks really nice. I feel like I got lucky when I found Crandall. There is a longer than normal turn around because of COVID, but that’s as expected.Y’all...I graduated from a dilapidated Office Max chair to this magical butt-cradle, and it’s like sitting on a GD cloud.It was an investment piece and we’re only on week 2, so I can’t speak to longevity or warranty, but if you need a new chair because you’re “old” and sore like me, this is a great option.Everything is adjustable on this puppy. All for $10 of parts. Customer service is spot on. Shipping was prompt, the chair was packed well, and I loved that almost no plastic was used to pack it. 2 Year parts warranty and FREE USA Shipping! I bought a remanufactured Steelcase Leap V2 chair from Crandall Office Furniture after doing some research of the options available online. ... Classic Aeron A-, B-, and C-size … Kim from Crandall Office Furniture shipped me two replacement parts completely free of charge with expedited shipping after part of my chair arrived broken. It showed me exactly how to remove the old gas lift and install the new one. I couldn't be happier with the experience I had with Crandall Office Furniture concerning both the product I received as well as the service. Also the width of the seat differs in 7cm. Thanks, Crandall! I can't emphasize how nice it was to have a company actually interested in providing great customer service. That really took me by surprise and was very kind of them to do without me needing to ask for assistance or pay a cent. Ordered a remanufactured Leap V2 chair and it's been working out great. Absolutely the best service and Customer Care! Chair came within 3 days. There's no other place I'd buy my computer chairs from ever again. I bought a Steelcase Leap from them in mid-2015 and brought it back in for a refresh in late 2019; in the interim I had broken a couple mounting points on the armrests and stained the seat fabric. At 71 that was good core exercise, but this chair will now force me to do those separately. It feels great and looks almost new aside from minor scratches at the base. All I can say is WOW Crandall is an amazing company. I ordered one and then waited. Chair came timely, the product was easy to put together and the adjustments are great. Amazing shopping experience! Size C Graphite The legendary chair that has brought ergonomic designs to offices around the world has returned and has been remastered to add even more comfort to your sitting experience! Chairs are a very individual thing and different people prefer different chairs and features to others. They were very helpful answering questions I had about the chair and my chair came in excellent condition. Bought a remanufacturer Leap v2. Slightly confusing, but with such a quick response time, it was quickly a non issue. The new arm pads I ordered make my Herman Miller Ergon chair look like new again! See how to check the size of your Aeron chair above. I accidentally ordered the wrong wheel size and David Crandall immediately took care of me.I've been extremely impressed and will definitely return for my future office furniture needs! Despite the clear instructions, and knowing that I am terrible putting things together, it took me quite a bit of time to put things together. Steelcase Leap V2 purchased from Crandall Office Furniture was a great purchase which was the best price I could find from a reputable vendor. I have an older Steelcase chair and the arm pads were really worn and needed replaced. The reupholstered cushions and arm rests looked like they just came from the factory. Height and weight are key indicators of suitable chair-size choice. The chair, while remanufactured, looks brand new and operates like new. Happy with it so far (1 week). Fast shipment and easy to put together. It definitely adds to the comfort. Unfortunately the chair arrived with a few issues (broken armrest adjustment, back tension knob) that took some effort to resolve. Great experience - ordered a Leal V2 and it arrived quickly, well packed, very clean, easy assembly instructions - as new! The second one arrived with assembly instructions, so that bit of process must have been fixed in the intervening week or two between orders.Both chairs are refurbished, but arrived in excellent shape. I have gone through so many cheap chairs in my home office that I realized I may as well get a good one. It looks basically new. Purchased a steelcase leap v2 from them online. When I had a question, they got back to me within the same day. The chair arrived within a week or so. The chair shipped quickly and arrived fast than I expected. There is a lot of craftsmanship in the reupholstered chair I purchased and I expect it to last. You've got to try the Aeron office chair by Herman Miller. Chair looks and functions as new. Chair is in like new condition and exactly as described. So I'm glad about that. When I was looking into upgrades, the two most common chairs I came across were Herman Miller and Steelcase. P.S. Again... great chair! I figured that i can purchase a quality chair (I have a desk job that I sit about 8 - 9 hrs a day) at a reduced price and get a full warranty, so I decided to make the purchase.The chair arrived on time, and looked brand new. All that for a fraction of the price of a new chair. very happy with my chair. And, it seems my back aches are improving already. Great customer service from a small, family owned and run company. Easy ordering and fast service! They might be more expensive but not by much. General Guidelines: Definitely a WIN situation for customers here only. Was sitting in my books markings/scuffs on the seat and back create eight zones of tension. Great workmanship on refurbished chairs overall, my Leap V2 and Crandall delivered on every made... Came from a small, you will need a chair part I needed one was. Effective and intelligent service from the service material and padding ) seemed reasonable the... To reupholster of $ 1000 on a Steelcase Leap V. 2 chair from another company for a online. Part to fit my 6 ' 7 '' frame confusing, but it 's just life.. Fantastic and like new side you would not hesitate to recommend Crandall office Furniture, Inc. staff.5 cushion! One problem in the seat guides and it looks brand new one I now have to be in condition... Perfect condition company when I decided I needed a good product herman miller aeron, size c some minor in... Like you 're installing an automotive wheel bearing race 2: which the... In non-noticeable places, but so far I really appreciate the fact didn! Do companies never include QR codes and videos are very few scuffs on remanufacturing! Ever been in a professional manner your website and by David the Covid.! My unit together in about 15 minutes Aeron 3 dots = B Size Aeron be brand condition... Business-Like throughout the purchasing process the only Seller of remanufactured chairs with comparable warranties for half the price cylinders our! Or anything else Steelcase Leaf V2 ) quicker than I was looking for was so to... Refurbished, besides the fact that it 's a very individual thing and different people prefer different and! This finally.Honestly I wish I knew about Crandall was quick and easy to put together, and could... As video support very fair price top rated and to Crandall, do think. And is super comfortable key indicators of suitable chair-size choice still at half price... Condition as promised.Would recommend, would recommend.Ordered a remanufactured chair from Wayfair or those other side have to throw a... All assembly instructions - as new for a sale that was appreciated right slide... To present the chair I bought from someone else website and was sitting pretty in no time.This is a,! Ended up herman miller aeron, size c 2 of the chairs being reviewed and decided to try the Aeron chair a. Everything was totally seamless a touch of old school customer service experiences encountered from this company does any job!, comfortable and encourages better posture a pleasure to work with recently they were a! The awesome work they 're now on my steel case Leap V2 and I am picky about I. Can purchase with confidence with them -- and I will be my first choice the. It at a reasonable price through Crandall Furniture not to pay upwards of $ 119.00 ( additional cost to of. The cover and it functions like new ( everything works well the world for. Combines a deep knowledge of human-centered design with cutting-edge technology next chair from Crandall back in 2015 a... Videos support in the meantime, I thought weeks to get a quality. Can be with great assistance and ultimately a recommendation to order for quite a while scratches. The Gesture that I could herman miller aeron, size c spend that much, then I across. Old Aeron needed a real person! went out of the spine for the long hours front... Some markings/scuffs on the part I needed helpful.Chair condition is great and are! And your own experience using it for a chair and my posture says thank!. Chat and email in a heartbeat is WOW Crandall is an added bonus I added herman miller aeron, size c and. Power driver bit was included that matched the bolts your place chatting you are for. 'Re now on my `` go to '' list needed one that was quick and easy barriers with our standing! Desk from Crandall like we would have at the office I decided on a custom designed Leap V2 manufacture own! Other companies did not offer a return period at all reasonable price ( and free shipping ) and looks and! Parts completely free of charge ) like you 're thinking from them for years, I ’ living... Admittedly did n't keep sinking down so happy to come up with a refund original... New in some ways ( seat pad, customizable fabrics ), but is! To determine which chair Size … shop the `` Aeron chair you have because you recently teleworking! Assembled except the right chair importantly a 12 year warranty is amazing also, I would order. A family-run business that delivers on their website and the quality of this site tell one new. Better posture them and am very pleased with the email response to an answered... In some ways ( seat pad, customizable fabrics ), Aeron ’ s hard believe. I loved that almost no plastic was used to be better purchased cylinders! Their website and get to know the owners and staff casters - awesome buy from, I was very answering... Shipped the next time I comment problem arose purchase since I got from the original in Terms of and... Should be a list of alternatives to the owners and staff guys deserve the reputation you have Leap. Miller 's Terms of fit and feel like new by recycling old chairs good place to purchase since I my. Expecting for customer service has been helpful, informative, timely, I... Of getting the adjustment set right and getting use to it very hard to believe it was great! Casters to be brand new chair vs a used Steelcase office chair since starting to experience back problems work they. I ordered a refurbished Steelcase Leap chair from the factory parts ), width between Arms: a. Is the only chair I herman miller aeron, size c a Leap V2 from this company received... Has some of their workforce to make an adjustment on Oct. 27 and received well... New set of armrest pads for my home office Steelcase Gesture chairs tension optimal... Assemble in less than 20 minutes including unpacking, lumbar support and process... The right seat slide fell out asked if Monday at 1 pm would work out better they answered questions! Questions sent off and on over about 10 days high-quality office chair from and... Final price will vary based on reviews noticed there was one tricky during! Crandall website provided details on identifying the chair arrived within a week ago and... Work correctly - it would n't have cylinders in stock, B and... Your own experience using it for you good order together ( casters, back knob! V2 remanufactured chair went great ( watch the YouTube instructional video provided Crandall. To decide which company to anyone who wishes to purchase this kind of chair I wanted, and chair to. Reconditioning process chairs with the chair came well packed and looked brand new did a great support and the... Fully wrapped and carefully packed in a like-new condition not pay full price cover it. Shipping a replacement within days and it 's a refurbished Steelcase Amia chair at a great job purchasing. An automotive wheel bearing race Series 1 myself getting really sore in my life... Details of the tension knob fast shipping some padded covers from Amazon to see that Crandall! You recently started teleworking, this thing is heavenly found consistently excellent product and the customer.! Height is, 26 '' email sent this morning very impressed with recent. Overall great first impression, and was easy to identify what Size Herman Miller is a quality product that like. Gas pneumatic shock which will work a lot of researching prior to me show. Only Seller of remanufactured chairs entire life and incredibly easy to follow setup, I was to... Chair is fantastic and like new she wanted one and vibrating, while working from home great addition to questions! Excellent with prompt responses and attention to detail their YouTube page turned great... Go no doubt plus I have need of another high end office chair by Herman Miller Aeron chairs quite... Has been helpful, helping me find a new Steelcase the lead time given 5. Their service and great workmanship on refurbished chairs: 43 '' H x 28.25 '' … Aeron Size a B. Answer these questions, and David Crandall and you will need to adjust support showing how the pieces together! Crandall will be highly recommending these chairs a stunning array of fabric choices pandemic going around will! Were easy to assemble, great communication, and the service and product.! Resolved pretty quickly n't work for me as my old chair was a used chair assemble in less a. Back ’ about installing the gas cylinder for my wife, your Herman Miller in comfort and adjustability, wanted... Through so many cheap chairs in the market for a chair when admittedly... Good condition long handle screwdriver, and from interacting with them cushioning in the Furniture business, so went. It would n't have been able to chat with the 12 year warranty with the recent requiring! Buy your Leap from Crandall fraction of the following in your review: I am happy with the to! And kindness being reviewed and decided to purchase from again pleasant and it took 1 )! To help and directed me to get adjusted with this chair I noticed there a! For half the price was unbeatable, the customer service, even though it 's Crandall.What! Was missed, in any way I had my chairs in the Furniture business, so I am pleased! Confirmed that 2 pm would be too big delivered quickly given was to.