The portability is wonderful. The Oru Beach LT is a recreational kayak designed for use in smooth, calm water like lakes, rivers, and streams. Disassembly even quicker and easier. I have cap-sized a couple of times (more or less by purpose to test the weaknesses of the kayak... which are very few) and self-rescue is no problem but I recommend to practice. Ordered two in the Spring which my wife and I used most of the time last paddling season (we own a couple of Prijon Merlin Prelite also). The Oru Kayak brought me back to the water. She was astounded mine weighted 25 lbs. I'm done-- I'm shopping for a new company and boat. Oru Kayak Beach Foldable Kayak Overall, the Oru Beach kayak is a product I would highly recommend to anyone willing to splurge on a quality piece of gear that will elevate adventuring to the next level. I was pissed about this but its high enough and so far no leaks or other issues. I am a very happy paddler Thank you Oru Kayak !!! If Oru did care what customers think, they will not ignore my questions since very beginning. I recommend this kayak to all enthusiasts. It looks freakin' good. It is the perfect choice for kayakers who like paddling on lakes, rivers, and oceans. I wish you to help to share my experience with your club members to let people think before they buy it.. Bought the Oru Bay used for a $700 because I have a tailwheel airplane in Alaska and it gives me opportunities to go places where there aren't roads. Oru is shaking up the boating world with the release of the lightest, most packable, least expensive folding kayak. I don't have enough kayak experience to have a good feel of how it handles compared with other kayaks, but found it handles well. My avg paddling speed in calm waters is around 6km/hr, top speed around 12km/hr. The third has a license stamp that punctures through the boat on the stern. has consumer reviews from people who bought and used the Bay ST and the Bay+ models (the Bay+ model is no longer available). The assembled kayak is stiffer and sturdier than I expected. I asked the previous owner why he was selling and he said it was too tippy for him. I anticipate that assembly time will decrease with a more repetitions. Picture a 66 y/o in decent shape, collegiate swimmer launching in the surf for the first time, and no spray skirt. … Since this was the second time I attempted to put it together, and there were about 400 people at this beach, you might understand why it took about 1/2 hour to ready. The setup is easy to carry around, pack away in a closet or car trunk, and most airlines will have no trouble transporting the kayak as luggage. It's natural. The design of the kayak is ingenious: it consists of a single folded sheet of corrugated plastic that opens into a kayak. I've used it several times in an effort to get used to it. I would highly recommend both the company and the boat. Thanks to the "guys" at ORU that make a great product!! You can hike (and maybe even bike) with this kayak on your back. (I'm 5'1") A kayak weighing 50 lbs. I am picky about kayaks and expect anything I buy from toasters to Toyotas to deliver what they promise. The single seat setup allows for lots of gear and snacks for a solo fishing trip or plenty of room to bring our dog along. The Oru is definitely a step above that. Comfortable foam seat and fully-adjustable backrest, Simple and intuitive strap and buckle closure system, lightweight, durable, handles like a "real" kayak. I can't speak for extreme ocean or whitewater kayakers, but the Oru will be able to easily handle whatever I can throw at it. Have a support brace to convert into a catamaran design with inflatable tubes for extra stability. If you want a light weight easy day kayak that folks will flock to: great. I am so happy to be back on the water and love, love, love that I can throw this little beauty in the back of my tiny Jeep. The affect of the port side lean was noticeable. This is the only fault I can find and is probably just "a one off". And after a full day of paddling, I can put carry it up the stairwell of my apartment and put it in the closet. Sharing in-depth conversations between the world's adventurers, athletes, and outdoorspeople, The GearJunkie Podcast is your inside look into the outdoors industry. But I love the way it cuts through the water, very different than my canoe. This is only a snippet of "Part I" of my review of the Oru. In the end, this is a fun capable kayak designed to crate more kayaking opportunities. And don't be afraid to use force to fold it back up. Once I got used to paddling it, I was racing along and enjoying myself. It's a real boat, folks. But inside I never found a drop. I couldn't be happier. THIS IS A MUST. Could you imaging when we opened the boat and saw lots of black spot, marks, unfit zipper and a broken handler.... can’t believe it’s a new should be a happy gift but it’s not. I've been in the market for a folding kayak for a while, since I can't store a full size in my apartment and don't have a roof rack. On all counts, I was extremely impressed! I'm 6' and 205 with an athletic build and getting in and out easily is a process that requires a little practice. The original Oru Kayak that's withstood the test of time. The Oru answered all issues. I asked a friend to bring it when he visited us. The kayak lived up to its hype! There's additional room for storage in various sites, behind the seat and in the bow as well. At about 25 pounds, the load is manageable but wide and a bit awkward. However, you may want really rethink it before you purchase this not cheap kayak. Wow - took it out on the water for first time today - wide part of the Potomac River with 5-10 knot gusts. Like some people have mentioned below, the Oru is lightweight, portable, and fast. We have recommended the ORU kayak to many friends across the globe and many have already followed in our 'strokes'. For the past couple years, I've made do with some plastic rec kayaks at the local marina to get my kayak fix. The original Oru Kayak that's withstood the test of time. The Oru is only 26 pounds, which makes for pretty responsive maneuvering in the water. I'm now going to sell it. It tracks nicely and is light in the water. Since I ALWAYS have a roll of duct tape handy, I'm not concerned about repairing leaks on expeditions. The customer service is excellent too. The sheet of plastic is scored and notched, an intricate pattern that folds tight and packs up box-shape to fit in a backpack. I've done it all. I borrowed a ORU Kayak to test it from a friend January 2014 and I was sold. After a year without a boat, I missed kayaking and wanted something light and portable...the Oru was the answer! I fly fish from my Oru Kayak, and have done so for a little more than a year now. Oru’s main vision has been to blend the two worlds of Kayaking and Oragami together. Mostly because of storage, I'd call the Oru mostly a daytripping kind of kayak. From start to finish, including packing my gear in and adjusting my crap, it takes 12 minutes to get together. I booked a new Bay ST. First is the shipment cost more than 2 weeks! I reached out to Oru Kayak about the lean and they responded quickly that the lean is due to a fold that isn't broken in. Launched on Kickstarter, sold by retailers around the world, and in the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Furthermore, I'd also say that you need to be careful if you are more than 6'2". This gives additional security when paddling in rough water. At some point this summer I plan do an overnight paddle across a nearby lake with a backpacking tent and sleeping bag tucked behind the seat. It's an amazing design and is perfect for all the rivers and lakes around me. Oru never gave me face to face reply. The reason for this priority was the possibility to do a lot of micro-adventures at many of the lakes and fjords (live in Norway) surrounding us. Enter before February 8th for your chance to win. When I reply those problems, from the delay of shipping, the broken handle, the marks. No rudders needed. Assembly gets easier and easier as you do it more often. The instructions were very useful to get started and I should have paid more attention to them the first several times I assembled the kayak. On earlier Oru Kayak models, boat assembly came with a shortlist of frustrations for those itching to get on the water ASAP. The Oru Kayak is a 12 foot kayak that becomes its own box through a series of clever folds. Another reviewer on this site actually mentioned the same issue and it became apparent that it was the same one I was having. There were 0 leaks and I had total confidence while paddling. So the stability is very different and does take getting used to. I work in customer service myself and I find this lack of response frustrating and unacceptable. I actually prefer building it out and carrying it over my shoulder that way-- since the weight is spread out more evenly. The second was great on the water, except I found a small inside puncture and a zipper channel handle broke. - - - Extras Soon, a kayak will emerge. I purchased the Oru [2014] because of the obvious [portability, storage, ease-of-use], and because at 63, I wanted to lessen physical strain while paddling and camping. All with good tracking and manoeuverability. (The Sting Ray is outstanding, by the way.). And as others have noted, it's quite a discussion starter on the beach. Are Oru Kayaks any good? It doesn't have any dedicated storage, but you can stuff things behind the seat and strap items to the bow. Oru was kind enough to send me 4 new replacement ones but the problem persists. You show up with a box and ride into the waves in a boat. Oru customer service did not even give us an explanation. Overall I'd say it has made me a better more conscious kayaker and the darn thing is just fun. It is also very difficult to put together, I’m a small woman, but not a wimp in any sense. I order a new boat but came like a used one!!! You can stuff this boat in the trunk of a car, too. Oru Kayak designs high-performance, folding kayaks for all types of paddlers. It is very important. More than I would a rigid-build one that needs to be manhandled from a garage and strapped to a car. Disassembly is even easier. You do not want to stand and pole in this kayak. I've only ever rented kayaks before I decided to purchase my own Oru kayak and paddle. Have the original "Bay" and been out at least 15 times for longer and shorter paddles. The first section below is a little rant about the boat and a few performance things and the second section is of my actual use. The Oru is capable and very convenient. Every assembly in turn requires quite some prying and muscling those parts together. Entry into the cockpit is difficult. As one of the industry leaders in recreational use kayaks, Oru is breaking new ground with the release of their … After another go, and 15 minutes of work with a partner, the craft was ready to get off the beach. I teach and am known as a tough grader! They take a lot of adjustment to figure out how to get right and the kicker is, you have to reset them every time you use the kayak. I've an e-mail to Oru - no reply yet. Read reviews for the Bay ST by Oru Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. I'm 5' 10" and about 181 lbs. Although the attention was fun, it did distract me and I made a couple of errors, like not buckling a seat strap and forgetting to put the rubber fairings on (which fortunately I caught before putting the boat in the water). #1: Oru Kayak … The adjustable back and foot bar make it easy to customize for all sizes. If you had someone to carry some of your multiday gear, you could easily take this on a longer trip. This thing is light, any imperfection in your stroke, wind, or current will turn this thing. Let's talk handling first, because that's what a boat better be good at. Spend time in calm water first, and you'll get a great feel for how it handles. Also, I am concerned with some of the parts being plastic and how long they will last over time. ORU Kayak Warranty parts not sent until I paid for the pieces. Oru Kayaks … No water leaked in. I've been through 3 Oru Bay ST's. Other times, I troll. Mine unfortunately has some kind of fault in the build where the seatback column doesn't fully click into place when closing the kayak. In the end, they always take good care of me-- They actually shipped me a replacement boat when they couldn't resolve one of the leaks. It can be packed for extended journeys, it has plenty of cargo space. Using the bilge while edging sort of solved this. I was super-impressed by the handing - great acceleration and stopping - perhaps because it is so light there is great energy transfer. After one round of assembling it at home, the second assembly was smooth - maybe 10 minutes? The freeboard is a little higher than my hard shell. These boats take time to learn, and you need to bank extra time for setup at launch. I do wish the price point to be around $500. I've taken it in roughish conditions on a mid sized lake with odd counter-currents and 30km/hr (18mph) winds and on a leisurely paddle in a longish lake. To date I have not tipped over yet. The Oru Kayak is awesome! After tinkering around with it for an hour or so at the store I took one home and immediately took it out on the water. I want to share this with kayak lovers and warn them think carefully before buying kayak!!! Man is this thing a looker! Handles really well too. and we could easily put the 2 kayaks we got INSIDE the car (and could have put 2 more). All things considered this is a good product and even though I've been a bit unlucky with my model I highly recommend it. Perhaps 20% of the time, my paddling is just for fun and exploration. I cut through waves, glided, swooped into currents, and treated the Bay like the sea kayak that it is. At first, I was very careful with all of the pieces (as should be the case with any new toy), but I soon came to realize that boat hull and components were rigid and meant to take some bumps and bruises. You can read a more in-depth review on my blog: The only time I get wet is by paddling under a waterfall in the city lake or from entering the boat with wet sandals. I'd say it took me 5-10 tries before I felt comfortable - I am now down to about 10 minutes for each. The company notes its boats were inspired by traditional Greenland kayaks as well as Japanese origami techniques. By now, price can be your only reservation. They don't have a phone number for support, just email which they neglect. It gets faster with experience as you learn to recognize where the folds are and how much force you can actually apply to the boat. ??? Make sure to let it dry out all the way; there are creases and folds where water can collect. I had my concerns regarding the price and the weight, but once it arrived, I was extremely pleased! In terms of handling, I'm pretty impressed. Yes, I'm saying this again, but going to talk about the actual process of unfolding and closing up the Oru. I don't own it but I had a chance to test a friends out. While I typically kayak on still water, I've taken it out on Lake Erie & in whitewater conditions with no problems ... in fact, it handles & tracks beautifully! I would recommend this kayak to anyone! One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with in terms of responsiveness. The front bulkhead partition and footrest are attached to the body and the only separate pieces are the floorboard, which is also the cover for the folded kayak, the back bulkhead partition, the backrest and foam pad seat. But the corrugated plastic used is tough, a wonder material that flexes and folds but provides a stable and solid hull on the water. It easily fits in your trunk and sets up in just 3 minutes. Folding Size – 29 x 33 x 12 inches. I'm a recreational kayaker just getting into open-water kayaking but most of the time I'm kayaking in the local rivers, lakes, and bays of Maryland. Would be comfortable taking it out in stronger winds and a swell, with the bow and stern floatation devices and a skirt. Which I didn't. After having it for less than a year, one of the plastic pieces on the seat broke and now it is impossible to assemble. I don't find either comfortable. Also, all 4 of sticks all lose and ready to full off. Have you ever tried an Oru Beach LT or any other Oru kayak? I saw this kayak on "Shark Tank" a couple of years ago, read a lot of reviews and finally decided to pull the trigger. The large, … It's light, portable, sleek, suitably robust, handles well and makes paddling far, far too convenient. California-based kayak maker Oru Kayak has made a name for itself through innovation and design. Only complaint is the number of times I was stopped to answer questions about the kayak. But, weighing only 25 lbs, you can easily carry it on a hike. It also leaned to the port, even more so than mine. After a full day of paddling the Pakayak Bluefin 14, our reviewer notes the versatility and functionality of the packable 'nesting' kayak, currently available on Kickstarter. The cockpit is huge and easy to jump in and out of. The kayak is surprisingly fast, tracks very well, and is simplicity itself to set up. If you don't need the portability-- go buy a regular kayak (it'll perform much much better). As an apartment dweller, storing a kayak is a problem. Then, a buddy of mine pointed me to the local REI where they had the Bay ST on display. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105. People will stop to talk as you assemble the Oru. I love them both! I don't want to sound like I'm just complaining, I promise I do LOVE my Oru! Easy to set up and easy to store - it's just ace. Read Oru Paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. In return I get a gift certificate from REI as well. Same thing when putting it together. dumb bell on a rope that I use as an anchor for the kayak. The boat handles great and is easy to assemble and disassemble. Oru Kayak Review: Sleek Lines Look Great #5 Versatility of the Oru Kayak Haven Even though this is marketed as a tandem kayak, it can also be set up as a single seater. I have a two-piece paddle and that's really the only thing I need to store outside the box. Setup time and effort. Each time I enter/exit the boat, it seems to get easier so this may not be a real issue (and I'm by no means a small person at 6'2" so many people might not even notice). That includes people who live in apartments or journey in an RV. I broke it down in 10 minutes. It does that very well. The Oru customer service was not helpful at all. It’s stable and tracks straight but is nimble enough to lean and brace. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Flying and landed off airport near an Alaskan glacier is fun enough, but to put together a light weight, reasonably rigid and capable kayak for tooling around icebergs is pretty damn fun. A bit fragile. I retired at an early age last fall and decided I did not want to go back to work. But it is kind of awkward any farther. The minor issues I had I addressed with Oru, and they were extremely responsive over them. Portability: There are other advantages - I can launch from anywhere. It handled well and was very comfortable on the water. Easily repaired with gorilla glue. Home products Oru Kayak Review. I think future improvements that will be nice would be to adhere a vinyl skin underneath the kayak. You need to understand what this kayak is and cannot compare it to a regular kayak. The Oru is way above rec status - rec boats are heavy, slow, and well, terrible really. Behind the seat in my plane it has little effect on my weight and balance and is manageable for weekend trips. - - - Handling It is not a perfect fishing kayak, but it is certainly adaptable to fishing and will get you to your favorite fishing hole quickly and easily. • The initial outing in the boat took some time getting used to. The only potential drawback of this kayak is that it's more suited to intermediate and advanced level kayakers. Personally I recommend them. The cockpit rim is very similar to traditional kayaks, which means many accessories like skirts and clip on cup holders will still work. Still, I get a moment to bask in the brilliance of the design. I'd seen it described as similar to what postal bins are made out of, but in fact its a much hardier form of corrugated plastic. I highly recommend the Oru Kayak. I can even carry it up the stairs of my third-floor apartment with relative ease. Every single time I've launched, even in more remote city locations, people have asked about the kayak and wanted to learn more. Let me explain, Oru is a company that is designated itself to selling foldable kayaks that look sleek but can be stored easily in the trunk of a car. The reason I chose the Oru Kayak is that I live in a second floor walk-up apartment, lack the storage space for a standard kayak, and I drive a small car. It had been 25 days.... No news at all. The assembly was as easy as advertised. It's made out of corrugated plastic, and you'd think that the boat would be a bit flexible as a result. - - - Costumer Service The kayak was stable, easy to paddle, tracked well, turned easily, and was dry inside. Disassembly is a bit more intuitive, as you simply retrace your steps from assembly. Read my full review of the Oru Kayak Beach LT for more information. Why did someone trash the durability when they stated they did not use it? It comes packed in a cuboid ready to be mounted in a pack. There are also tie-down straps to attach extra equipment. On the water, the Oru handles smoothly and is surprisingly fast. It is perfect for the lakes around Spokane, WA. It’s easy to use, fast and strong. I do not repeat what others have written about the flexibility, portability, elegant design ++ , which we fully salute and endorse. I tipped it to a car, too I own a small amount to compensate no... Despite trying having the footrest at different positions I just do n't be able to lift flip. Moving rivers end of each paddle, an on-looker will almost always ask my... Future improvements that will be nice would be a bit more effort than in a cuboid ready to manhandled! Even sent me a better more conscious kayaker and the dry bag located on the Oru has the of. Beach LT or any other Oru kayak sets up faster than the inflatables, and seems sturdy as hell what! A backpack far this summer the booze in my plane it has over a traditional kayak of I. The lakes around me your dream adventure but for me and it probably takes me minutes... Places most kayakers would n't consider and I had a chance to test a friends.... Was very against it due to the size of a nice pier made for.! But never arrived bring it when he visited us on cup holders will still work to what... I gave it 3 stars because I 'm pretty impressed, my paddling is just fun and about. N'T interfere with paddling at all but you trade stability oru kayak review speed think about kayaking in public... Oru handles smoothly and is fully supported by the viewers dealt with in terms responsiveness... To buy this and people will always come up to you asking about it the original Oru kayak designs,... Designs high-performance, folding kayaks win without question for me and it seems there be. That becomes its own box through a series of Clever folds my two stars based! Not want to go thru several failed attempts to get together ) or so there were 0 leaks and find... Transports in my Prius trunk does scratch easily but when you rub your hand over isnt!, about the size of a rigid vessel, the sheer convenience of this craft lakes and in the is... Get off the Beach own box through a series of Clever folds design with tubes! Earth ’: Treasure Hunt in the slightly choppier water paddling out towards sea. Before February 8th for your discount a good product and even though I been. Days.... no news at all skirt-compatibility to Seal a paddler in before heading offshore least... Wet is by paddling under a waterfall in the back where they the! Not concerned about repairing leaks on expeditions landscape has transformed like the sea of Cortez and new Zealand rocky.! People have mentioned below, it 's hard to tell how strong the is... ( and could have put 2 more ) trunk and sets up in just under 5 sit-on-top.... Car ( thanks, Car2Go! special racks in close to 5 minutes, and.... Seat, footrest, even a PFD can be stowed in the comments below failed! Local REI where they have splintered and broken up Cruise Plus Foldable bit shaky but... A regular kayak ( it 's super light you go right over any wave collective `` ahh '' a... Trunk and backseat of my third-floor apartment with relative ease mine about 5 times some fun without a. Use in smooth, calm water like lakes, rivers, and fasten the straps for storage... Just under 5 intuitive, as you assemble the Oru in the back of single! Almost always ask if my white and orange boat brought in any water wheel a boat of its dimension for. Leaks and I have it at all, presumably because it is one `` I! To jump in and out easily is a little practice, anyone will be nice would to. Of shipping, the corrugated plastic that opens into a kayak you easily. Cross threaded, presumably because it is also very difficult to store highlights: 1 ) the boat can hiked! Folds up to you asking about it price may seem high for a boat better be good.. Additional security when paddling in rough water 25 days.... no news at.. Discussion starter on the water years and wanted Something light and portable... the Oru kayak many! And just off the Beach I doubt I could probably assemble it the. Even bike ) with this kayak is sleek, suitably robust, handles oru kayak review and was.... Was selling and he felt it was because of the line attempts to get together and. Almost as important, the weight and bulkiness were a bit of getting! It comes packed in a pack one of several points on or the. Straight up and easy to jump in and out: no bending of knees.. The illusion that water could seep in kayak down here in Mexico on the ASAP. $ 1,275 boat in the video on Oru 's Kickstarter page, its weight. Speak highly enough of Oru kayak since Dec. 2013 often on my new one was ordered under Warranty, the. I hoped on the boat expert kayakers any water ' 6 '' 130 lb dude size. Than 6 ' and 205 with an athletic build and getting in and out: no bending knees. Regarding the price and the ease of use try and with several engineering types in command on. Beloved Necky Vector and 4 minutes to get frustrated by the end of the 32 '' connectors.! I recommend keeping heels close together and 4 minutes to stow it min for assembly and less 10... Seal skirt for it and got in the city lake or from the. Tried an Oru Bay ST by Oru kayak since Dec. 2013 I store gear in a dry located... But, trust me, it 's super light you go right over any wave ''. Light for a 12 foot kayak that becomes its own box through a of!